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Seven Surprising Causes of Acidity

Acidity is a very common problem. Do you know what acidity is and what the home remedies for acidity are?

 What is Acidity?


A woman suffering from acidity, Credits: pexels

The food we consume goes into our stomach through a tube called oesophagus. The gastric glands in the stomach create acid that is necessary to digest the food.

During acidity, the gastric glands tend to secrete more acid than necessary for the digestion process, which creates a burning sensation below the breastbone.

Acidity is also called acid reflux or hyperacidity which creates pain around your chest area. This pain is termed as heartburn and occurs when the stomach acid flows back into the food pipe.

When acidity happens more than twice a week, the condition is referred to as Gastro esophageal reflux disease or GERD.

Chronic acidity can lead to oesophagus damage, increased risk of oesophagus cancer, and cavities.

Symptoms of Acidity

Symptoms of Acidity

A woman experiencing acidity, Credits: pexels

The most common symptoms of acidity are:

  1. Bloating

  2. Indigestion

  3. Nausea

  4. Constipation

  5. Bad breath

  6. Burning sensation and pain in the chest.

  7. Difficulties in swallowing

Seven Surprising Causes of Acidity

  1. Coffee

  2. Eating large meals

  3. Tight belts

  4. Obesity

  5. Side effects of certain medications

  6. Smoking and alcohol

  7. Lifestyle factors


Causes of acidity

Coffee causes acidity, Credits: pexels

Both decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee can cause heartburns. The ingredients in the coffee can lead to increased production of acid in the stomach.

Eating Large Meals

Causes of acidity

Snacks causes acidity, Credits: pexels

Having a large meal during the night or lying down immediately after a heavy meal can cause acidity. It is always better to have food at least 2 to 3 hours before bed. This helps reduce the acid reflux at night.

Tight Belts

Causes of acidity

Tight belts causes acidity, Credits: pexels

Tight belts can put pressure on your abdomen and can cause your stomach contents to push harder against the valve that keeps food in the stomach.


Causes of acidity

Obesity causes acidity, Credits: pexels

Obesity also increases the risk of acidity. The more weight you are, the more pressure in the abdomen, which makes the food travel in the wrong direction.

Side Effects of Certain Medications

Causes of acidity

Medicines causes acidity, Credits: pexels

Sometimes acidity can be due to side effects of certain medicines like NSAIDS, antibiotics, medicines used for blood pressure, depression, and anxiety.

Smoking and Alcohol

Causes of acidity

Alcohol causes acidity, Credits: pexels

Consumption of alcohol and chronic smoking can also lead to acidity.

Lifestyle Factors

Causes of acidity

Stress causes acidity, Credits: pexels

Lack of sleep, excessive stress, lack of physical activity can also cause acidity.

Remedies for Acidity

  1. Antacids

  2. H2 blockers

  3. Proton pump inhibitors


Remedies for acidity

Anatacids to treat acidity, Credits: pexels

Antacids can neutralize the acids that cause pain. Gelusil is the most recommended chewable pill for acidity.

H2 Blockers

For recurring heartburn discomfort, Zantac and Pepcid are good choices. These are histamine blocking agents.

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI’s)

For more serious issues like ulcers, doctors recommend these medicines. These medicines reduce acid production by blocking an enzyme in the wall of the stomach. If you feel that your symptoms of heartburn are severe like difficulty in swallowing, weight loss, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Home Remedies for Acidity

Remedies for acidity

Ginger to treat acidity, Credits: pexels

Acidity can be relieved through home remedies also. Some of the home remedies are listed below:

  1. Coconut water

  2. Buttermilk

  3. Basil leaves

  4. Ginger

  5. Bananas

Coconut water

This sweet drink can soothe your stomach and digestive system.


A glass of buttermilk helps normalize the acidity in the stomach.

Basil leaves

Basil leaves have anti-ulcer properties and can provide instant relief from acidity.


Ginger neutralizes the acid and can help in the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients.


Bananas are natural antacids and act as a buffer against acid reflux. They prevent the recurrence of acidity.

Lifestyle Changes To Combat Acidity

Lifestyle modifications

Fiber-rich foods are essential, Credits: pexels

The following lifestyle modifications are necessary to combat acidity.

  1. If you are overweight, lose weight

  2. Have a fiber-rich diet

  3. Maintain a regular eating time

  4. Avoid spicy foods

  5. Don’t have late-night snacks or heavy meals during the night

  6. Avoid carbonated drinks

  7. Stay physically active

  8. Avoid medicines that cause acidity

Yoga for Acidity

Yoga for acidity

Yoga for acidity, Credits: pexels

Some of the yoga poses that can be tried to ease acidity are listed.

  1. Supta Baddha Konasana, or Reclining Bound Angle

  2. Supported Supta Sukhasana, or Reclining Easy Cross-Legged

  3. Parsvottanasana, or Side Stretch with Upright Modification

  4. Virabhadrasana I, or Warrior I

  5. Trikonasana, or Triangle

  6. Parivrtta Trikonasana, or Revolved Triangle

Take Home Message

Acidity can be avoided through lifestyle modifications and having the right food at the right time.

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