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Top 7 Best Homeopathic Doctors In Delhi

No one can deny the fact that today, the environment in which we live has become a breeding ground for various types of bacterias and viruses to thrive. In such a scenario, many new and unheard of illnesses continue to crop up and make the life of common man difficult. There are various lines of treatment that are there for you to choose whenever an illness strikes you. Homoeopathy is one such branch of treatment which is based on a simple principle of ‘like attracts like’. Homeopathists or those who practice homoeopathy believe that every person’s body has its own ability to heal itself fully.

Homoeopathy as a practice to cure patients from various illnesses goes as far back as 18th century. since that time onwards, it has been widely practised in Europe. Homoeopathic doctors treat a vast number of health conditions like breathing problems such as asthma, mental health conditions like depression, high blood pressure, arthritis, among many others. If you are residing in Delhi, and choose to undergo the services of a homoeopathic doctor, then this article is for you. The following table gives a comprehensive list of the best homeopathic doctor in delhi.

Best Homeopathic Doctor In Delhi List

Homeopathic doctors

A doctor giving medicine, Credit: Canva

S.NONAMEQUALIFICATIONEXPERTISEPLACECONTACT NUMBER1.Dr. Ranjana GuptaBHMS (Doctor B.R Sur Homeopathic Medical College)Hairfall treatment, white patches treatment, excema, pigmentation, skin allergies, ear, throat infections and backacheSanjeevani Homeo Clinic, Plot no. 13 and 14, DDA Market, below Delhi Post Office011392373492.Dr. Mansi AryaBHMS (Doctor B.R Sur Homeopathic Medical College), M.D in HomeopathyAllergic infections, emotional problems, gynacological problems, stress management, PCOD, relationship counsellingSBL Sponsored Homeopathic Clinic, Shivalik, Delhi01111392373583.Dr. Kirti Vardhan SahniMD in Homeopathy, member of LIGA and Life Member of Asian Homeopathic Medical LeagueIrritable bowel syndrome treatment, obesity and lifestyle disease treatment, musculoskeletal disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder counselling, skin disease treatment, gynae and psychological problemsSahni Homeopathic Clinic, 6, Krown Complex, Phase II, Near Satyawati College, Delhi011392373444.Dr. Kranti KumarBHMS from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College, member of South Delhi Homeopathic AssociationSkin disease treatment, weight loss counselling, arthritis management, hair loss and dandruff treatment, infertility evaluation, and respiratory problemsAarogya Clinic, B-1, Gate No. 1, Mahendru Enclave, Delhi011392373525.Dr Neha GargBHMS in Homeopathic medicine and surgery from Nehru Homeopathic medical collegeGynacological disorders like ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, endometriosis, PCOS, acne, childhood disordersModern Homeopathic Clinic, 351, New Rajendar Nagar, New Delhi, 110060, near Sai Baba Mandir–6.Dr. Preity NegiBHMS from Doctor B.R Sur Homeopathic Medical College and DNHE from IGNOU, member of Central Counsel for HomeopathyObesiity treatment, weight gaain diet, dandruff treatment, piles, constipation, and migraine treatmentDr. Negi’s Homeopathic Clinic, A1/236, Block A-1, near Sunil Dairy, Delhi011392388647.Dr. AK GuptaMD in Homeopathy, BHMS from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College, honoured with the Bharat Excellence AwardSkin disease treatment, motor neuron disease, sexual disorders, low sperm count treatment, erectile dysfinction treatment, psychological disorders, diabetes managementAKG’s OVIHAMS Homeo Clinic, J-158, near Fedral Bank, Delhi01139235516

This was a conprehensive list of the best homeopathic doctor in delhi. As you can see, they treat a range of disorders pertaining to every area of your mental and physical helath. They are highly experienced and have been practicing since decades.

How Long Does Homeopathic Evaluation Take?

Homeopathic doctors in delhi

A doctor giving medicine, Credit: Canva

The homoeopathic evaluation can take upto an hour. In some cases, it can even stretch to 3 hours. It is because the homoeopathic doctor spends considerable time in understanding and analysing your symptoms. They may ask you about any emotional and mental issues you might be facing, your eating habits, cravings, and your sleeping patterns. You may also be required to describe specific sensations as through it, homoeopathic doctors become more aware of your condition.

These kinds of questions might seem unfamiliar as they are not generally asked in routine medical checkups. But these questions are an intrinsic part of the evaluation procedure that homoeopathic doctors use. After going through all your symptoms, the homoeopathic doctor begins a process of ‘repertorization’. It means that they cross-reference all of your symptoms in the books that they have or from their databases. After this, they prescribe you a suitable line of treatment.

What Does a Homeopathic Treatment Involve?

Before your you visit the best homoeopathic doctor in delhi fpr skin, or for any other purposes, it is natural for you to wonder about what the treatment process may have in store for you. Homoeopathic science is not much different from conventional medical science. The only difference is that the homoeopathic doctor pays more attention in getting to knowing you as an individual so that they are able to gauge your symptoms better. They will familiarise themselves with your lifestyle, your state of mind, and medical history before divulging the treatment.

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