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What Are the Long Term Side-Effects of Head Concussions?

Approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from traumatic brain injuries. Of them, concussions are the most common ones. Simply put, a brain concussion is a traumatic blow to the head which damages the internal structure of the brain. It, in turn results in altered brain functioning as the damage brings about several physical and chemical changes in the brain.

A head concussion is most common in sports like basketball and football. It can also be caused by a steep fall, and by other vehicular accidents. A peculiar thing about concussions is that during MRI or CT scans no information about the head injuries, or abnormalities can be gleaned. The long term symptoms that the sufferer faces is later on attributed to the concussion.

What Are the Short Term Effects of Brain Concussion

concussion symptoms

Woman experiencing headache, Credit: Pixabay

Short term effects are mainly concussion symptoms that people experience. They are very subtle in nature and alter over a period of time. Children and adults may experience the following symptoms for a week or two weeks after sustaining a blow.

  1. Headache

  2. Loss of consciousness

  3. Tiredness and dizziness

  4. Blurred vision

  5. nausea

Long Term Effects of Multiple Concussions

long term effects of multiple concussions

Man unable to concentrate at work, Credit: Pixabay

The long term symptoms and side-effects of multiple concussions are the same as that of a single concussion. The difference lies in the duration that the symptoms take to resolve. It might take longer for multiple concussion sufferers to deal completely from their injuries.

The long term side-effects of concussions are:

  1. Finding difficulty in concentrating on a task.

  2. Problems with memory.

  3. Irritability, mood swings, and other personality changes.

  4. Extreme photosensitivity and sensitivity to noise.

  5. Trouble sleeping.

  6. Depression, anger, and other problems that are psychological in nature.

  7. Smell and taste alterations.

These long term effects can make it difficult for the sufferers to perform optimally in their daily lives. It can also lead to relationship issues alongside. Neglecting to treat the concussion or suffering multiple concussion as a result of the first one can worsen the condition of the individual.

What Is Post Concussion Syndrome?

post concussion syndrome years later

Woman experiencing fatigue and anxiety, Credit: Pixabay

Usually, the symptoms of concussion resolve within a week. However, when people keep experiencing the symptoms many days afterward, that’s when they are said to be suffering from post concussion syndrome. It has not been found by the medical professionals why the symptoms of some head concussion sufferers do not abate months, or sometimes even years later.

Some of the common post concussion syndrome symptoms years later are:

  1. Frequent headaches

  2. Feeling disoriented from time to time

  3. Extreme fatigue

  4. A constant sound of ringing in the ears

  5. Tendency to get irritated often

  6. Feeling of anxiety

  7. Trouble sleeping or insomnia

  8. Lack of concentration and focus

  9. Trouble recalling or loss of memory

  10. Blurred vision

  11. Extreme sensitivity to noise and light

  12. Some may experience a partial loss of smell and taste, although it is rare

Post concussion syndrome is rare. Not many people experience it. Close to about 20 percent of people have to deal with this condition in their lives. You need to give yourself plenty of time to heal properly from this brain damage. Otherwise you run the risk of hampering your cognitive functions.

If you or anyone that you know have suffered from a concussion, it is essential to take adequate rest to heal properly. At the same time, the significance of a nutritious diet that is rich in proteins and fats to restore your brain also cannot be overlooked. It would help your brain to heal to a great extent.

Contrary to what many may believe, concussions are happening at an alarming rate all over the world with children facing them more often. Its leading cause is a fall. After all that is said and done, concussion is still a type of injury to the brain and should not be taken lightly.

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