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What Comparing Your Life To Others Does To You

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”— Willie Nelson.

Comparing ourselves with others is a natural thing. We all do it sometimes, but doing that too often can make us unhappy and lead to negative consequences.

Comparing your life to others can lead to unhappiness, negativity, loss of energy and also makes us a bad person. It causes you to regret what you aren’t rather than allowing you to enjoy your life as who you already are. When we constantly equate ourselves with others, we spend our precious time and resources on the lives of others, not on our own.

The Effects of Social Comparisons

  1. Looking at the qualities of someone and compare them with your weakness is an unfair comparison. It can naturally make you feel bad and incompetent.

  2. You may get irritated, nervous, and paralyzed when moving further in comparison with others.

  3. The comparison of your strengths to others will also not take you up the ladder of accomplishments in your life. Since there will still be great people and bad people.

  4. While comparing yourself to others, even if you do well, you may attain happiness but only for a short period. It is basically an ego boost that is short-lived if you succeed.

  5. You can begin to blame someone for doing good without knowing the individual very well.

  6. You may start boasting about yourself unnecessarily to satisfy yourself.

These aren’t good things, as they may not only rob your happiness but also make people around you feel irritated. There are ways that this pattern can be stopped. Let’s focus on them:

  1. Stop Comparing, Start Investing: Don’t waste your precious time comparing your path to someone else’s .Instead nurture your own path by investing, creating, and caring for your own life.

  2. Accept Yourself the Way You Are: Do not fight over what and where you are and do not feel bad. Try to acknowledge every part of your life and from there, move into the right direction while making the right decisions.

  3. Embrace Your Past: Look back into your past, embrace your journey of struggle, fear, mistakes and hard work, all of which, has made you better, wiser and a beautiful person. Be proud of your accomplishments in building a happier life.

  4. Start Comparing Yourself With You: Learn new ways to make yourself a better person every day. Instead of pointing at your weaknesses, try working on your strengths. Look for better ways on how you can improve yourself than what you were yesterday.

  5. Turn Comparison Into Inspiration: Children take inspiration from someone to become something, and work hard to get to that level. Likewise, allow the triumphs of others to be a motivation for what you can do.

  6. You can do it!: Understand that this is not the end of your life, you have got plenty of opportunities. Nothing says where you are now, where you’re going to be in one or three years. Therefore hope for the future and strive for the better.

  7. Count Your Blessings : Always appreciate what you have earned and achieved in your present. Count on good things like your family, friends and health. Turn your attention from what you haven’t got to what you have. This brings harmony and joy.

  8. Be Ok With Your Imperfections: Accept your flaws, because you will always have someone who’s more wealthy, intelligent and appealing than you are. Fighting to be perfect will get you nowhere. Therefore, accept them entirely, instead of feeling yourself for your flaws.

  9. Don’t criticize: In order to make ourselves feel better and happy, we try to criticize others. This can be destructive. Try to support and applaud others in their success which will make you happy and help you make more friends that will eventually lead to more success on your part.

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