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What Is Hyperacidity & Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Among today’s population, digestive issues are rampant. In fact, one of the most commonly observed ailments in people is hyperacidity. This digestive health disorder afflicts people of all classes, ages, and community. Unhealthy eating habits are the major culprit behind the problems that people face in maintaining their digestive health.

In medical terms, hyperacidity refers to a group of disorders characterised by a single thing, that is, inflammation or swelling of the stomach lining. It is often caused due to bacterial infection in the stomach. The bacteria that causes ulcers in the stomach is the one that causes gastritis or hyperacidity. If you are someone who is in a habit of consuming pain killers, and are addicted to alcohol then you may find yourself a victim of this digestive health condition often.

An imbalance between the mechanism by which stomach secrets acids and proximal intestine, and the mechanisms that protect it causes symptoms that can be diagnosed as hyperacidity. In the article below, you will understand the condition of hyperacidity in a detailed manner. After reading through the causes and symptoms, you should be able to figure out why you are prone to this condition. If you find that you are not getting relief from your symptoms even after doing the right things then you should always discuss this fact with your doctor.

What is the main cause of hyperacidity?

Hyperacidity causes

Woman feeling pain in chest, Credit: Canva

The causes of hyperacidity can be broadly classified into three categories. They are:

  1. Unhealthy diet

  2. Hectic lifestyle

  3. Stress and anxiety

1.   Unhealthy Diet

Hyperacidity causes

Person with a burger in hand, Credit: Canva

As mentioned above, the major reason why people get prone to developing acidity is their unhealthy diet. They do not keep tabs on their intake of beverages like tea and coffee and are not mindful when they consume unhealthy food items. People hardly drink the recommended amount of water that is needed in a day that further dehydrates their body. Irregular meal timings and eating any time of the day also wreaks havoc with your digestive health.

2.   Hectic Lifestyle

Hyperacidity causes

Picture illustrating fast paced life, Credit: Canva

No one can deny the fact that we are living in an ultra modern age. Although we have all the amenities around us, still the fact cannot be denied that increasing work pressure has made us inactive and stressed. People do not give adequate rest to their bodies. They consume meals and sleep immediately afterwards. Being exposed to the overwhelming situations more often has made people prone to developing digestive conditions.

If you are someone who is finding it difficult to strike a good work-life balance, then its time for you to take a step back and reassess your lifestyle. If your body will not get adequate rest, your health will deteriorate slowly.

3.   Stress and anxiety

Hyperacidity causes

Woman with hands on head, Credit: Canva

A by-product of hectic lifestyle is the enormous amount of stress and anxiety that people have to bear. Our personal and professional life are now filled with various parameters which we need to meet. People are often dissatisfied with what they have in life and focus their attention on what they do not. Such a frame of mind makes them prone to developing emotions like jealousy, anger, fear, and anxiety. Mental health ultimately impacts the digestive health. All the mental strain and burden eventually leads to various digestive complications in the body.

What are the symptoms of hyperacidity?

Hyperacidity symptoms

Woman experiencing hyperacidity symptoms, Credit: Canva

There are various hyperacidity symptoms that surface when you are suffering from this condition. Pay close attention to them and do not ignore them for later. At the same time, do not self-medicate again and again. Go to a doctor and discuss your health condition. That is how they will be able to diagnose you correctly.

Pay attention to the following symptoms of hyperacidity.

  1. Retroseternal burning or a burning sensation felt in the chest and heart region.

  2. Sore belching

  3. A burning sensation in the throat along with nausea.

  4. Regurgitation of items of food

  5. A feeling of heaviness in the abdomen region

  6. Indigestion and a loss of interest towards various food items.

  7. Constant pain felt in the stomach region

  8. Headache

  9. Loose bowel movements

  10. Ulcers in the mouth

  11. A weary sensation in the legs

  12. Fainting spells

Can hyperacidity kill? After reading the symptoms mentioned above this question might have surfaced on your mind. Well, the good news is that this condition does not kill. But if experienced repeatedly, it can become fatal.

What is the best medicine for hyperacidity?


Tulsi leaves tea, Credit: Canva

The best medicine for this condition is the intake of healthy food items and proper rest. You have to inculcate healthy living habits including proper meal timings, regular exercise, and sleeping patterns. All of it will ensure that you remain free of this condition. Also, you can try various home remedies to get relief. Some of the most effective ones include:

  1. Chew some tulsi leaves whenever you feel a discomforting sensation in your stomach. It’s antiulcer properties lowers the gastric acid secretions in your stomach.

  2. Ginger is another potent hyperacidity home remedy. Drink some ginger tea after meals to get relief.

  3. Drink cold milk to instantly eliminate the burning sensation tat you feel in your stomach. A rich source of calcium, cold milk instantly absorbs all the excess acid secretion in the stomach.

  4. Mint leaves having carminative properties greatly soothe your stomach and help you get relief from cramps, flatulence, and acidity. To gain its benefits, drink a cup of mint tea.

  5. Cumin seeds function as an ayurvedic medicine and generates saliva which greatly assists in the better digestion process.

Hyperacidity will never touch you again if you improve your lifestyle and embrace healthy living. The above-mentioned remedies can be used whenever you find yourself dealing with this issue.

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