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What Makes Multiple Sclerosis So Serious?

Every part or function of the body is dependent on one another multiple sclerosis treatment. For example, the heart is required to pump blood to your organs for it to function.

In the same way, your nervous system is responsible for the communication between your brain, spinal cord, and the rest of your body.

In multiple sclerosis, this nervous system gets damaged and as a result, the communication between the brain and the body gets damaged. It is almost like a brain disease, spinal cord disease, and other bodily diseases – all in one.

Once your body gets disconnected from the command center, it will fail to carry out voluntary and involuntary functions and other problems related to the nervous system. It’s like disconnecting the main plug from your television and then trying to switch it on.

To get into more depth, multiple sclerosis treatment is an autoimmune disease in which the immune cells start to attack the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath coats the nerves which run through the brain CNS (brain and spinal cord injury).

Multiple sclerosis in India: In India every 8-9 people out of  1,00,000 people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It is estimated that the total burden in India is close to 1.8 lakh patients.

Signs and Symptoms

The damage of nerves can result in the following symptoms:

  1. Problems with coordination

  2. Difficulty balancing and moving

  3. Vision Problems

  4. Writing problems

  5. Speech problems

  6. Fatigue

  7. Pain in the back and eye

  8. Intense tremor and shivering movements

  9. Muscular problems: Cramping, paralysis, stiffness, spasms and overactive reflexes

  10. Sexual and erectile dysfunction

  11. Taste problems and tongue numbness

  12. Behavioral changes

  13. Sleeplessness

Thus, it is safe to say that multiple sclerosis treatment may not always cause death but it is an extremely disabling condition and will completely effect and change your lifestyle with a whole lot of limitations.

Multiple Sclerosis Cure

What makes it even worse is that there is no current cure for this condition. Multiple sclerosis is mainly focused on controlling the symptoms, providing relief, and delaying the condition from further progressing.

In fact, people with this condition will live only slightly less long than those without this condition.

Multiple Sclerosis and Pregnancy

The condition will not affect your chances of getting pregnant. On the contrary, most pregnant women with this condition report on their symptoms remaining the same or even getting better.

The downside is that the symptoms will significantly increase after delivery and the woman will be more likely to have a small gestational age baby as compared to other pregnant women.


As mentioned above, the disabling nature of this condition and its effect and limitations in everyday life is what makes this condition so serious.

At first, the thinking about the symptoms may not seem like such a big deal but in practicality, it affects every aspect of a person’s life- the simple act of brushing your teeth, wearing your clothes or standing up from your chair would now be a difficult task.

Moreover, the fact that there is no cure to this condition adds on to this situation.

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