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What Should Baby Wear To Bed – How to Dress Baby for Sleep

A new mom may find it difficult to dress her baby for sleep. Here are a few things that you can consider incorporating while dressing your baby sleep at night.

What Should Baby Wear To Bed?

Baby sleeping

A baby’s crib, Credits: pixabay

  1. The general rule is adding one additional layer of dressing during the bedtime. Babies should not sleep with a loose sheet or blanket.

  2. When you put your baby to sleep, the ideal room temperature should be between 68° and 72°F.

  3. It is important not to overdress your baby as overheating is a risk factor for the development of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

  4. It is important to place your baby on their back on a firm surface for sleep.

  5. The crib or bassinet should be free from blankets, stuffed animals, bumpers, and pillows.

  6. For the first 6 to 12 months, your baby can sleep in your room, preferably in their crib or bassinet.

  7. Also, sharing a room has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS. But co-sleeping in the same bed is not recommended.

  8. When you feel your baby is sick, prefer light clothing.

  9. Sleeping patterns may vary according to age and it is important to revise your style according to their stage of development.

How to Dress My Baby for Sleep?

Here are things to consider when you dress your baby for sleep, in different stages and seasons.

  1. Swaddling

  2. Dressings during summer

  3. Dressings during winter


A swaddled baby

A swaddled baby, Credits: pixabay

Newborns have lots of reflex in their initial few months. One such reflex is the startle reflex, which is the sudden jerk of her body while sleeping. This reflex is completely normal. This reflex is seen from birth and may last until 12 weeks or six months of age. In some babies, startling reflexes may jolt a baby to wake from sleep. However, swaddling your baby may help prevent these jerks and may induce sound sleep in them.

Swaddling can help your baby having long stretches of sleep. You have to swaddle in such a way that only their head is peeking out. Swaddling gives a feeling to your baby that she is in your womb. This technique is not mandatory and you can decide whether to opt for it or not. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), practicing swaddling in the right way can be an effective method to promote sleep in infants.

It is important to stop swaddling once your baby starts to roll on her side or tummy. According to AAP, swaddling your baby has to be stopped when she is two months old.

Dressings during Summer

Sleeping baby

A baby sleeping, Credits: pexels

A basic short-sleeve cotton or organic cotton bodysuit is ideal during warm nights.  When your air conditioner is on, you can opt for cotton long-sleeve pajamas with footies.

Clothes made from natural fibers or pure cotton is the best during summers.

During summer, check for signs of overheating. Perspiration, rash, wet hair, red cheeks, and quickened breathing are some signs that your baby is overheating.

Dressings during Winter

Dressings during winter

A baby on a winter suite, Credits: pexels

The choice of appropriate sleepwear is important during winter.

Opt for full-length comfortable clothes during winter.

Covering your baby’s head with a hat during a winter sleep is not recommended as they can slip off your baby’s head and cover their face, inhibiting free breathing.

If you notice your baby’s hands and feet turning bluish, add an extra layer of clothing.

So here is a table that can guide you well to choose your baby clothes, according to the temperature.

TemperatureWhat to Wear?Less than 16 degreesGloves, Socks, Hat, Pyjamas, and a full bodysuit

Between 16 and 17 degrees

Socks, Pyjamas, and a full bodysuit

Between 18 and 19 degreesPyjamas and a full bodysuit

Between 20 and 21 degreesPyjamas and dresses with short sleevesBetween 22 and 23 degrees

Full body pyjamasBetween 24 and 25 degrees

A suit with short sleevesAround 26 degrees

A light bodysuit with short sleeves

Take-Home Message

Babies should be dressed aptly during sleep. Remember the general rule is “Plus one layer during winter” and “minus one layer during winter”.

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