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Who Is A Sleep Consultant And Do I Need One?

From babies to adults, each one of us requires good sleep. Good sleeping habits must be inculcated from the infancy.

Who Need A Sleep Consultant?

Lack of sleep

A baby crying, Credits: pixabay

It is well known that babies struggle to sleep well in the initial few months. If you feel that you fit in the following categories, you may need a sleep consultant.

  1. Your child has crossed six months, but wakes up every two to three hours, and could not nap well.

  2. The lack of sleep is affecting your daily activities.

  3. You are tired and frustrated, and the lack of sleep is making your life chaotic.

  4. There is no ideal age to have a consultation with a sleep consultant, if you feel that struggle to manage the situation persists after 12 weeks of your baby, it is worth having a consultation with a sleep consultant.

It is always ideal that you try all the methods before hiring for a sleep consultant.

How A Sleep Consultant Can Help You?

Sleep consultant work guiding the parents to learn how to create good sleep habits and putting the elements into practice. Sleep consultants act as cheerleaders, supporters, and educators.

There are several personalized approaches designed and you have to decide whether that works for your family.

There are several ways in which a sleep consultant works.

  1. In a telephonic conversation, a sleep consultant can learn aboutthe baby and the parents and could identify the sleep issues.

  2. Some consultants can do an in-house consultation and could meet the baby in person. During these situations, the underlying factors for the sleep issue can be traced better. If your baby has jaundice, flat-head syndrome, and other medical factors, it can affect your baby’s sleep. Some consultants are nurses where issues like sleep apnea, airway issues, or reflux can be easily identified.

  3. Sleep consultants may also analyze the sleeping environment of the baby and if necessary, they can make recommendations to promote sleep.

  4. Depending on the age of your baby, techniques might be initiated. If your baby is very young, it is checked whether swaddling can help them sleep better.

  5. A consultant can also help your baby to self-soothe.

  6. Sleep consultant could make a follow-up call or make home visits to check if the situation is getting better.

What Are The Common Sleep Disorders In Adults?

Sleep disorders

A sleepless woman, Credits: pixabay

There are plenty of sleep disorders that affect adults. If your sleep affects the quality of your life, consult a doctor immediately.

The following are the common sleep problems in adults.

  1. Insomnia: Inability to sleep well at night due to stress, health conditions, or intake of certain medicines.

  2. Sleep apnea: In this disorder, breathing stops temporarily during sleep.

  3. Restless leg syndrome: This sleep disorder causes an almost irresistible urge to move your legs (or arms) at night.

  4. Narcolepsy: This sleep disorder involves excessive, uncontrollable daytime sleepiness

How to Become a Certified Sleep Consultant?

Most sleep consultants have degrees in nursing, infant and childhood development, or child psychology.

You can enroll in the following institutes if you wish to take up a career as a sleep consultant. These institutions offer certified courses and also address adult sleep issues.Name of the InstituteWebsite/AddressNithra Institute of Sleep SciencesNo. 29 Plot No, Door, 1997, 13th Main Rd, J Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040International Institute of Sleep SciencesNest Hospital, ThaneBLK Super Speciality HospitalPusa Road, New Delhi-110005Respiratory, Sleep Medicine and Critical CareApollo Hospitals, New DelhiComprehensive Center for Sleep Disorders (CCSD)SreeChitraTirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, TrivandrumEndorphin23, Prashant Nagar, Opp Prashant Hall, Behind Kaka Halwai, L. B. Shastri Road, NaviPeth, Pune – 411030

Looking For Sleep Consultants in India?

The following is a list of sleep consultants in India.

  1. Ms. Kerry Bajaj, Sleep consultant in Mumbai, India

  2. Ms. Ajita Gopal Seethepalli, Child Sleep, and Child Food Habits Consultant, Mumbai, India

  3. Ms. Rukhya Khan, Baby sleep consultant, Mumbai

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