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Why Never Wake A Sleeping Baby – Baby Sleep Myths

A new mother receives tons of advicedaily. Probably many of them are myths. One such thing is “Never wake a sleeping baby”.

Of course, nobody likes waking a sleep baby. It is only when your baby sleeps; you can have a good sleep, rest better, and get active to take care of your baby. And no one wishes to miss that wonderful time. But you can wake your baby for the following reasons. There is no harm in it.

4 Reasons to Wake a Sleeping Baby

There is nothing cuter than seeing your little one sleeping peacefully. But wake her for feeding, to reduce the daytime naps, and to change the day/night confusion. The following are the reasons to wake a sleeping baby.

  1. Feeding

  2. Comfort First

  3. Change the day-night confusion

  4. When Naps Interfere with the Bedtime


Sleeping baby

A newborn feeding, Credits: pixabay

If you have a very little one and feel that she is sleeping for a long time and wants to wake her up for feeding. You can! Newborns need to eat every two to three hours to gain weight. If you feel that your breastfeeding baby is eating 8 to 12 times a day and a bottle-feeding baby is eating 5 to 8 times a day, then there is no need to wake her up to feed.

Comfort First

If you feel that your newborn is sleeping in an uncomfortable position, in a sleeper, you must wake him. The wake and sleep method is a step to help your little one self-soothe and help him wake up in the middle of the night if he has a hiccup.

Change the Day-Night Confusion

Newborns have day/night confusion. If you have a baby who has crossed three months, it is better to limit daytime nap. Probably by this time they have developed a circadian rhythm and start producing sleep hormone called melatonin. You can keep them active in the day with bright lights switched on and creating background noise. Make the night times dark, dull, and quiet.

When Naps Interfere With the Bedtime

Avoid long daytime naps

A little boy sleeping, Credits: pxfuel

When your child naps all day and does not sleep during the night, it is difficult to manage. If your child is post five months, it is good to limit the nap time to not more than two hours and aim to have about 4 hours or less in total naps throughout the day. If you plan this way, she can sleep for 10-12 hours during the night.

You can follow this sleep schedule chart.

AgeThe Average total amount of sleepAverage numbers of daytime naps

The Average amount of daytime sleep

0-2 months15-16+ hours3-5 naps7-8 hours

3-5 months14-16 hours3-4 naps4-6 hours6-8 months14 hours2-3 naps

3-4 hours9-12 months14 hours2 naps

3-4 hours

Note: A healthy baby should be placed to sleep on the back. This prevents the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

How to Wake a Newborn?

Make gentle movements to wake a sleeping baby

Mother trying to wake a sleeping baby, Credits: pxfuel

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests the followingmethods to wake a newborn.

  1. Talking, singing, and gentle stimulation

  2. Dressing down

  3. Going through the motions of diapering

  4. Bathing

Some of the other ways to gently wake a sleeping baby includes

  1. Gently massage your baby’s back

  2. Turn on music through your monitor or white noise machine

  3. Gently speak through the monitor

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