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X Things That Are Causing Your Neck Pain

Is neck pain troubling you? Are you aware of the reason behind it? Neck pain is also known as cervicalgia, is the most common problem best pillow for neck pain faced by people at some point in their lives.

The head is supported by the lower neck and upper back, and it is these areas that commonly cause neck pain. Neck pain can be associated with spinal problems, muscular tightness, pinching of the nerves or joint disruption in the neck or upper back region.

Major and severe causes of neck pain include

  1. Head and neck cancer

Head and neck cancer

Woman holding her neck in pain, Credits: pixabay

You may be worried that your neck pain is a sign of cancer. But,  symptoms of head and neck cancer usually seem harmless and may include an enlarged lymph node on the outside of the neck, pain in the neck followed by a sore throat, or a hoarse-sounding voice.

  1. Infections

Neck pain

Neck pain due to infection, Credits: pixabay

Some infections deep in the neck like a retropharyngeal abscess an area located behind the throat can cause pain in the neck. Inflammation in the epiglottis due to bacterial infection can also cause swelling and pain in the neck. Any infection can cause your lymph nodes to swell, leading to swollen lymph nodes, and a lump on the affected region. A lump on the right side of the neck can be seen particularly where the jaw hinges. Enlarged thyroid or a fatty growth in the thyroid can also be a reason for a lump on the right side of the neck.

Spinal herniated disc pain

Herniated disc causing pain, Credits: pixabay

An injury to the cushioning and connective tissue between vertebrae is called a spinal disc herniation. It may result in back and neck pain along with pain associated in different parts of the body. Herniated disks or bone spurs in the vertebrae of your neck can cause pressure on the nerves leading to pain.

  1. Spondylosis

Spondyloisis pain

Spondyloisis pain, Credits: pixabay

It is an age-related condition of the spinal cord where the joints and cartilage lining the vertebral discs of the neck are affected. This is due to the degeneration of the joints causing pain in the neck.

More common and lesser neck pain causes include

  1. Stress

Neck pain due to stress

Stress can cause pain, Credits: pixabay

Emotionally driven anxiety and stress may affect the primary muscles and nerves running through the spine, neck and shoulders which may cause the muscles in the neck region to tighten. This may result in neck pain.

  1. Prolonged postures

Neck pain

Prolonged postures may cause neck pain, Credits: pixabay

People who tend to fall asleep on sofas and chairs may experience neck pain. Some other sleeping positions that people adopt like using a number of pillows to support neck and mattress that doesn’t support the posture of the body can affect your body and may cause pain in the neck, shoulders or back. Falling asleep without support for the head and neck or using too much of support may increase the likelihood of waking up with a sore neck. A thin, medium and soft support pillow can be considered as the best pillow for neck pain.

  1. Over-use

Neck pain due to bad posture

Sleeping on sofa may result in neck pain, Credits: pixabay

Muscular strain is one of the most common causes of best pillow for neck pain. It results when the muscles responsible for moving the spine are injured. Strained muscles can cause difficulty in moving the neck, leading to pain and reduced flexibility. Spending too many hours hunched over your laptop or smartphone, reading in bed or gritting your teeth, can strain your neck muscles.

  1. Whiplash

Whiplash pain

whiplash pain, Credits: pixabay

It is caused by a sudden movement of the head where the head is first hyperextended and is then jerked backwards very quickly. This may cause a strain on the soft tissues of the neck.

  1. Pinched nerve

Pinched nerve

Pinched nerve, Credits: pixabay

When there is too much pressure applied to the nerves on the surrounding tissues, such as cartilage, muscles, bones or tendons it can disrupt the nerve’s function. This, in turn, leads to pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness. A pinched nerve can occur at a number of sites in your body.

  1. Torticollis

Neck pain due to torticolis

Neck pain due to torticolis, Credits: pixabay

it is a condition where neck pain is caused due to sudden stretching of neck muscles where the neck becomes twisted to one side. Torticollis is often referred to as spasms on the neck muscles.

  1. Cervicogenic headache

Cervicogenic neck pain

Cervicogenic neck pain, Credits: pixabay

Cervicogenic headaches are chronic hemicranial pain that is caused by problems with the nerves, bones, or muscles in your best pillow for neck pain. It is normally brought about by stiff neck meaning excessive tenderness on the neck tissues. It can easily be treated using massage therapy, acupuncture or chiropractic manipulation.

ICD-10 for Neck pain

ICD-10 is the International statistical classification of diseases and related health problems. ICD-10 contains codes for diseases, signs and symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances, and external causes of injury or diseases.

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