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13 Signs Of Depression To Keep A Lookout For In People Around You

Every one of us feels sad at some point in their lives. However, when the feelings of sadness keep persisting for a prolonged period and start interfering with your daily activities it is a sign that something’s not right. It is not common for people to feel low all the time. Depression is a mental illness that is characterized by persistent feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness. Signs of depression vary from person to person. This mental illness is on the rise worldwide. More and more people are experiencing depression symptoms and are consequently being diagnosed with it.

What is the #1 cause of depression? There is no single cause of this illness. While excessive stress can be attributed as one of the more common reasons, there are various other factors which may be behind it. Many people are genetically prone to this disorder. While in some others, traumatic life events and medications may cause depression. This mental health condition often goes undiagnosed. Therefore, before you know how to deal with depression, you first need to identify it. Let us find out the most common yet invisible signs of depression in people.

Depression Symptoms That Go Unnoticed

depression symptoms

depression symptoms, Credit: Canva

  1. Feeling unhappy and like a failure without any reason to back it up is common for people suffering from depression.

  2. Bursts of anger or annoyance over small matters is also a sign that one can be suffering from depression.

  3. Losing pleasure in all the activities and hobbies that you once enjoyed like games, exercise, and the like.

  4. Sleep changes or disturbed sleep is also one of the major signs of depression that people brush off. People with depression can also develop insomnia and thus may find it harder to sleep soundly at night.

  5. Low levels of energy or a persistent sense of tiredness that makes completing even the most mundane tasks difficult is also a common sign of depression.

  6. People may also experience a sudden change in their appetite. Some may lose interest in eating at all while others may start eating more than normal portions of food.

  7. One of the major signs of depression that goes unnoticed is the constant feeling of restlessness and agitation in an individual. You can observe this sign by watching if a person is always doing things like hand wringing, or someone who is unable to sit still at a place.

  8. Signs of depression-like speaking slowly can also be easily dismissed by people. Alongside slow response, people also exhibit slowed body movements.

  9. Persistent feelings of guilt and worthlessness are also signs that you may be suffering from depression. Instead of focussing on your present and looking at the bright side of life, people with depression become fixated on every single mistake they committed in the past and start blaming themselves for things that are not in their control.

  10. The most serious signs of depression come when one starts to think about ending their life. If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing such thoughts do not waste time and seek help immediately.

  11. People with depression are unable to concentrate on a particular thing for even a moderate period of time.

  12. Physical signs of depression, like chronic headaches and back pain, are also a symptom not easily identified in people.

  13. Spending a large amount of time in bed is also a sign of depression that can be missed as being lazy or tired.

What Are General Methods Used to Treat Depression?

depression treatment

people supporting a person, Credit: Canva

How to get out of depression is a question whose answer begins with getting aware of your thoughts and feeling. After that only, you can take baby steps to come out of them. It may sound difficult at first, but you need to take charge of your own condition. Realize that every day is new and you have plenty of opportunities to thrive. Dwelling in the past may result in you feeling worse than before. Do not stay silent. Reach out for help and seek depression treatment.

There are various types of treatments that are available for it. What is the first line of treatment for depression? Talk therapy is a common line of treatment that happens to be quite effective. Through this treatment, you learn about the suitable skills and gain awareness to various insights which prevent you from experiencing the signs of depression. Another treatment line is a mix of cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and interpersonal therapy. Although these three techniques can be used on their own, a mix of them has proven to be more effective.

There are other types of therapies through which patients acquire knowledge about how to rewire their negative thought patterns and tackle depression through behavioral skills. Either way, one cannot deny the importance of therapy in the treatment of this mental condition. It helps patients to get to the core of their problem and find out why they developed depression in the first place. They help them find out what is causing them to feel the way they do, gain an awareness of things that trigger their depression, and ho they can effectively combat it and live a healthy life.

Signs of depression are very common yet overlooked by most people. It makes this mental condition fester inside them. By the time they realize it, it can be too late. No one deserves to live like a loser every day of their life. Its time to recognize the signs at the earliest, and seek help.

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