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13 Vitamin D Foods For Vegetarians

One of the most important vitamins for a healthy body and mind is vitamin D. Commonly known as the sunshine vitamin, it is the only micronutrient that our bodies produce when they are exposed to the sunlight. It plays a vital role in protecting you from developing a host of chronic and debilitating diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. However, getting sufficient quantities of this vitamin in the body is not an easy task. Studies have repeatedly shown that the majority of the population of all age groups is deficient in vitamin D. It is particularly true for vegans and vegetarians as much of what they eat does not contain vitamin D. In such a scenario, there is a need to gain a better awareness of vitamin D foods for vegetarians.

Do Vegetarians have Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency

vitamin D from sunlight, Credit: Canva

Vegans and vegetarians have lesser options with regards to vitamin D food items compared to non-vegetarians. Vegans especially eliminate all kinds of animal products from their diet, including dairy and eggs, both of which are a good source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is not naturally found in many fruits and vegetables that form the staple of non-meat eaters. There is only one vitamin D enriched vegetable that is, mushrooms. But simply eating them will not ensure that they have received the recommended dose of vitamin D. Not many vegans and vegetarians can take vitamin D fortified cereals and plant-based milk. Hence, vitamin D foods for vegetarians are simply not enough. Therefore they need to supplement theirs with more sources of vitamin D, one of the best being a vitamin D supplement.

How Much Vitamin D Do People Need?


vitamin D supplement, Credit: Canva

Vitamin d3 foods need to be made a regular part of everyone’s diet so that our bodies receive this crucial micronutrient in sufficient quantities. The recommended daily allowance for vitamin D is:

  1. 400 IU for infants belonging to 0 to 12 months of age.

  2. 600 IU for children and adolescents

  3. 1000-2000 IU for adults

  4. 800 IU for people who are above 70 years old

List of Vitamin D Foods for Vegetarians

sources of vitamin D

mushrooms, Credit: Canva

  1. Portobello mushrooms which have 634 IU of vitamin D in a single serving that is of one cup

  2. Maitake mushrooms that have 786 IU of vitamin D in a single serving that is of one cup

  3. Original soy milk which is vitamin D fortified contains 120 IU of vitamin D in a single cup serving

  4. Vitamin D fortified orange juice provides 100 IU of vitamin D in a single cup serving

  5. Soy yoghurt will provide 80 IU of vitamin D in 150 grams serving

  6. Vitamin D fortified cereal provides 40 IU of vitamin D in a single cup serving

  7. Low-fat milk that is fortified with vitamin D provides 127 IU of vitamin D in a one-cup serving

  8. Vitamin D fortified yoghurt provides 80 IU of vitamin D in a 6 ounces serving

  9. One medium and whole egg will give 41 IU of vitamin D

  10. One ounce of swiss cheese will give 6 IU of vitamin D

  11. Vitamin D fortified tofu will provide you 139 IU of vitamin D in a single cup serving

  12. Plant-based milk like almond milk, hemp seed milk which is fortified with vitamin D will provide 100 IU of vitamin D in a single cup serving

  13. One tablespoon of margarine will provide you with 20 IU of vitamin D

Apart from these food sources, you can also boost your vitamin D levels from the sun. The best time to get vitamin d from sun in india is from 10 AM to 3 PM. ironically, this is also the answer to the question, how can I increase my vitamin D naturally? Apart from this, regular exercise also helps your body to produce more vitamin D.

Vitamin D Foods for Vegetarians – the Best Supplements

1.   Swisse Ultiboost Vitamin D3 Supplement for Immunity, Bones & Muscle health (4.5 Star Rating)

vitamin d supplements india

This once-a-day formula contains vitamin D3 that is easily absorbed by your body. Vegetarians will not experience the effects of vitamin D deficiency when they start supplementing their diet with it. It does not contain any egg or gluten.

2.   Nutrainix Organic Vitamin d3 5000iu + K2 as MK7 200mcg supplement (4.5 Star Rating)

Nutrainix Organic review

The supplement will provide you with organic and plant-based vitamin D3 that will boost your immunity and keeps your bones strong. It is free of soy, gluten, and dairy-free.

3.   ELCAD Vitamin D3 60,000 IU Sachet (4.5 Star Rating)

supplements for vitamin d

The supplement is a highly concentrated source of vitamin D3 that you can consume by poring a sachet of this supplement in your glass of milk. It provides 60000 IU of vitamin D3 in a single serving.

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