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15 Amazing Benefits Of Basil Seeds & How To Eat Basil Seeds

Basil seeds are not only used to grow basil plant but can also be eaten. They are black in color and look like sesame seeds. Also known as sabja seeds, they are sweet in taste.

Ayurveda recommends to use them due to their multiple benefits.

Basil Seeds benefits are listed below

  1. Basil seeds are a good source of minerals and nutrients. For those who are unable to to have a wholesome diet, basil seeds can be included to supply the essential minerals to your body.

  2. Basil seeds are filled with fibre

  3. Supports the gut health. Basil seeds can be anti-inflammatory against the gut bacteria.

  4. Basil seeds impart a feeling of fullness. Eating basil seeds can decrease your appetite and help you with weight loss.

  5. blood sugar levels can be regulated by basil seeds

  6. cholesterol is regulated if basil seeds are consumed.

  7. can be used to stabilize food as it is thick

  8. it is a healthy alternative to mayonnaise used in cream and jellies

  9. it is rich in anti-oxidants and protects from free radicals. Hence, it offers protection against anti-inflammatory diseases and cancer.

  10. can be used in beverages like favoured milk. Many bottled basil seeds beverages are available in the world , specially in Asia

  11. can raise your energy quotient throughout the day.

  12. can be use instead of chia seeds

  13. easy to use you can just soak them in water and eat it.

  14. they are easily available

  15. basil seeds are a good source of omega-3

How can you consume basil seeds?


Around one tablespoon Basil seeds need to be soaked in one cup of water.

More water can be added as desired. Let them soak for 15-20 minutes. These seeds will drink up the water and swell up. Their size will increase.

If you are adding it to a liquid dish or recipe then no need to soak them before. The centre of the seed is black and will remain so even after soaking.

How basil seeds can be a part of your daily diet?


Recipes with basil seeds are widely available.

They can be used in

  1.  Salad dressing

  2. Shakes

  3. Soups

  4. Drinks

  5. Pastas

  6. Bakery items

  7. Puddings

You can even grind the seeds and make a flour out of it.

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