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15 Unhealthy Foods That Are Bad For Your Health: A Junk Food List

Good taste is something that we as human beings cannot live without. The feelings of pleasure and joy that great food imparts has and will remain unrivalled. People often look at

Food through the lens of their being good to our health and bad to our health. The former comes under the category of healthy food and the latter, unhealthy food. It is a known fact that most of the store bought, processed, deep-fried, crunchy and creamy food items are bad for our health. However, this fact does not register very well in the minds of people who are addicted to junk food.

Indian junk food list is endless. People can be seen eating these unhealthy food items on a daily basis, only to regret it later in their lives when they are crippled by a myriad of life-threatening diseases. Let us look at the list of the 15 most unhealthy foods that you should avoid or limit the intake of to attain better health.

List of Unhealthy Food You Should Avoid at All Costs

1. Chips and Crackers

Unhealthy foods

Image of chips, Credit: Canva

Did you know that just a single serving of your favourite potato chips contains a whopping 152 calories and practically no nutrition whatsoever! What is even more damaging to your health is the fact that you keep eating even after you’ve consumed a single serving. You unknowingly go overboard, and in the process, eat way more than your body is meant to process.

2. Pastries and Cakes

high fat food

Image of pastries, Credit: Canva

Many people commit the grave mistake of eating pastries as a snack. A single pastry contains 6-8 teaspoons of sugar that not only contributes to the development of obesity but also gives rise to health issues like diabetes. It is a highly unhealthy food and you should limit its consumption.

3. French Fries

fried food

fried food, Credit: Canva

French fries contain a whole lot of calories and tremendous amounts of trans fat which over time increases your cholesterol levels and makes you prone to a variety of heart diseases. Control your portion size and never eat them as snacks.

4. Pizza

unhealthy food

Image of pizza, Credit: Canva

If you want to save yourself from becoming a victim of inflammatory conditions like diabetes and obesity then avoid eating pizza every week. The high fat cheese topping along with the greasy crust all work to deposit that stubborn fat in your body which can prove ruinous in the long term.

5. White Bread

unhealthy food

Image of white bread, Credit: Canva

White bread is nothing but a mix of sugar and carbohydrates. It does not contain any fiber, and so, does not fill you up. You only end up consuming much more than what is recommended, thus upping your caloric intake while still leaving you hungry. Eat it in small proportions and combine it with a fiber rich fruit of your choice.

6. Granola

granola bars

Image of granola, Credit: Canva

You might think that granola is a healthy breakfast cereal. But it is contains high levels of sugar and scarcely any protein that is essential to make you feel full and energetic. It is best to swap granola in favour of a bowl of oatmeal to avoid that sugar spike.

7. Sweet Beverages

cold drinks

Image of sweet drink, Credit: Canva

Sodas and sweet beverages are packed with sugar and calories that supply your body with no nutrients at all. It is an unhealthy food item that may even weaken your bones and immune system. Stay away or drink water instead of relying on high fructose beverages such as sodas and cold drinks.

8. Alcohol


Image of alcoholic beverage, Credit: Canva

Alcoholic beverages and alcohol in general contain zero nutrients. Besides, their excess consumption leads to the accumulation of fat in your liver and makes you prone to many life threatening diseases. It is best to consume alcohol only on occasions and do not make it a habit to consume it every other day.

9. Deep-Fried Chicken

unhealthy food

Image of deep fried chicken, Credit: Canva

Packed with animal hormones and many harsh chemicals like salt and MSG, fried chicken is a very unhealthy food that you should not make a habit of eating regularly. It clogs arteries with fat which over time makes it impossible for your heart to function optimally.

10. Cheeseburgers

deep fried food

Cheeseburgers are nothing but a factory of fat, cholesterol, and enormous amounts of calories. You are only ruining your health by eating them every other day. Eat a healthy home-cooked meal consisting of veggies instead of opting for it.

11. Hot Dog

hot dog

Image of hot dog, Credit: Canva

Hot dog is a very unhealthy food that contains chemicals that are very harmful for our body’s hormones. It is also a source of sodium that contributes to problems related to high blood pressure in people. It is good to have a healthy vegetable sandwich instead of a hot dog.

12. Fried Rice

high fat food

Image of fried rice, Credit: Canva

Deep frying rice in oil takes away all its nutrients and makes this food an enemy of your health. By consuming it you are consuming nothing but huge amounts of unhealthy fat. It also makes you feel lethargic and devoid of energy afterwards.

13. Cheese Salads

cheese salad

Image of cheese salad, Credit: Canva

Salads cannot be unhealthy, you might think. Well, then what makes a food unhealthy? A healthy salad is primarily composed of veggies and wholegrains. Cheese salads are composed of nothing but fat. There are hardly any vegetables in it and those that are there are present in miniscule amounts.

14. Milk Chocolates

dark chocolate

Image of chocolate, Credit: Canva

How can chocolate be an unhealthy food, you might think when it is recommended by experts to eat in moderate quantities. The reason is that you can consume only dark chocolate in such a manner. White chocolate is nothing but a mixture of fat and condensed milk. Eat an apple instead of opting for it.

15. Ice-Cream


Image of ice-cream, Credit: Canva

Did you know that ice cream is just a way for you to consume excess quantities of sugar? You can consume a much healthier version of it just by blending frozen bananas and mangoes at your home. Store bought ice creams give you nothing other than an instant sugar rush.

There you go! This comprehensive list of unhealthy food items should act as a guide for you to consciously make healthy food choices and enjoy the gift of health.

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