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17 Breakfast Mistakes That You Are Making

Breakfast isn’t called the most important meal of the day for no reason. It is the secret for great health and an overall sense of well being. If you are one of those rising numbers of people who battle lethargy come mid-morning, eating a high protein breakfast should be high on your list of priorities. Not paying attention to what is on your plate in the morning takes a toll on your productivity as you find it increasingly hard to focus on tasks at hand. Not only this, for those on a weight loss journey, this meal assumes an even greater significance.

Do you consider yourself a healthy eater or are you skipping breakfast in a bid to lose weight? You will be shocked to know that even the most health-conscious people can make several mistakes when it comes to preparing breakfast for the day. If you want to benefit from the best breakfast for weight loss, here are the 17 most common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Preparing Weight Loss Breakfast in the Right Way – Mistakes to Avoid

1. Consuming Too Many Calories

breakfast for weight loss

Breakfast plate, Credit: Canva

Yes, it is a fact that you need to eat breakfast like a king. But sometimes people take this concept too far. You need to feed yourself but not overfeed. Depending on your total caloric needs, prepare a breakfast that is not too calorically dense. An ideal breakfast should have around 400-500 calories.

2. Not Prioritising Protein in the Meal

high protein breakfast for weight loss

high protein foods, Credit: Canva

Protein is one of the chief macronutrients that you need in order to feel full for long periods of time. But many people consume carbohydrate-rich breakfast like cereals, bread, etc. that are low in protein. Whenever you prepare breakfast, ensure that it contains an adequate amount of protein. If you find it difficult to add protein sources, buy a protein supplement like whey protein.

3. Consuming Too Less

breakfast foods

Breakfast plate, Credit: Canva

Another grave mistake that people make in a bid to lose weight and ‘eat healthily’ is eating too less than their body requires. Just having a fruit or a cup of coffee may seem good for a few hours before you start experiencing hunger pangs and reach out for unhealthy food. So, make sure that have a well-rounded meal for breakfast that will help you to stay full till its time for lunch.

4. Opting for Meals with Added Sugar

breakfast mistakes

A breakfast food, Credit: Canva

People often have a tendency to eat a high sugar meal in the morning. They think that sweet flavoured yoghurt and cereals will help them stave off unwanted cravings. But the added sugar in them does your body no good. It only makes your sugar levels unstable and makes you experience energy crashes.

5. Making Eggs Your Go-To Meal

best breakfast for weight loss

Eggs on a toast, Credit: Canva

Granted, eggs are a wonderful source of protein and healthy fats, but it should not be your only choice every day. There are various other options for increasing protein in your breakfast if you want to lose weight. Food sources like chia seeds, nut butter, and yoghurt also give you ample protein. So, look beyond just eggs.

6. Forgetting About Drinking Water

drinking water for weight loss

glasses of water, Credit: Canva

A weight loss breakfast is not complete without water. Before you even start preparing your breakfast, drink a big glass of plain or lemon water to save yourself from dehydration. When you are dehydrated, you feel more hungry and consequently, prepare big breakfasts. These high-calorie meals will never help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

7. Drinking Juice Instead of Whole Fruit

weight loss breakfast

Orange juice, Credit: Canva

Juicing your fruits instead of consuming them whole will prove to be disadvantageous on two fronts. Firstly, you will lose the vitamins and minerals that a raw fruit gives. Secondly, it will be digested by your body in a very short time span, and in no time you will start feeling hungry again. Rather than a juice, eat some whole fruits instead.

8. You Drink Too Much Caffeine

breakfast mistakes

Coffee, Credit: Canva

A cup of coffee is fine. But when you start drinking more than 2 cups for breakfast alone, you start depriving your body of essential nutrients that only a well-balanced breakfast meal will provide you. Limit your tea or coffee to only one cup and do not reach out for another cup again till evening.

9. Not Eating Fibre

weight loss recipes

breakfast food items, Credit: Canva

The best breakfast for weight loss is not only rich in protein but also in fibre. Fibre promotes your digestive health and keeps you full for long periods of time. Fruits and breakfast cereal made of whole grain in combination with a source of protein will keep you energetic all day long.

10. Not Including Healthy Fats

breakfast mistakes to avoid

Nut butters, Credit: Canva

Contrary to what you believe, eating fat does not make you fat. It, on the other hand, balances your hormones, enhances the taste of your food, and keeps you active all day long. You will also become more productive as your mind will be able to focus well on the tasks at hand.

11. You Wait to Get Hungry

breakfast mistakes

Woman eating a burger, Credit: Canva

Another eating healthy mistake that even fitness fanatics make is to delay eating breakfast till they hear hunger pangs echoing from their stomach. When you reach such a position, you do not get satisfied with a healthy portion and reach out for more food. Consequently, you consume more calories than you intend to.

12. You Eat on the Go

breakfast foods for weight loss

Breakfast on the go, Credit: Canva

People who eat their breakfast on the go do not pay much attention to what is it that they are actually eating. Moreover, eating on the go is not registered by your brain as it is busy with other tasks. You do not feel your body getting filled and in the absence of any cues of fulfilment, you end up consuming more than the required amount.

13. Not Following the Rule of Portion Control

breakfast mistakes

Breakfast plate, Credit: Canva

Portion control is crucial if you want to lose weight. You can easily know how many portions of a particular food item you need to eat in a single meal by reading the nutrition label. However, most of the people purchase healthy breakfast food but do not follow the portion size that is mentioned on the label. Consequently, they end up consuming twice the amount of calories that they need. For example, a single serving of oatmeal is around 40-50 grams. Yet, many people way consume way more than that.

14. Making Unhealthy Smoothies

food for weight loss mistakes

Breakfast smoothie, Credit: Canva

Smoothies, especially green smoothies are the ultimate breakfast item. Yet a majority of people put way too many fruits in it thinking that it is making it healthy. 2-3 servings of fruits are enough to get your daily dose of fibre. For increasing volume, add green leafy vegetables like spinach and healthy fats like almond milk.

15. You Rely on Green Juice

food blunders to avoid

Green juice, Credit: Canva

Green juices are a great way to get your daily dose of nutrients. But when you only rely on them to fulfil your breakfast needs, it becomes a problem. Unless mixed with sources of healthy fats, most green juices do not contain enough calories to keep you satisfied. As a result, you feel your energy levels crash down and reach out for numerous snacks.

16. You Eat too Fast

breakfast for weight loss

Girl eating fries, Credit: Canva

Eating too fast will not let your brain and body register this process. If you are one of those who finish your food before 20 minutes, chances are, that you feel yourself not adequately satiated. Slow down and taste each and every bite of your food.

17. You Eat too Much Sodium


Salt, Credit: Canva

If you feel that you are eating healthy yet not losing weight or feeling bloated all the time, chances are, you are consuming food that is dense in sodium. Many of the popular breakfast items that we buy from stores are packed with sodium. It causes you to feel bloated. Consume less sodium and rely on plant-based products to clear your body of all toxins.

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