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4 Indian Herbs with Medicinal Properties that you Should Know About

The traditional Indian system of medicine is very well known for their use of herbs with medicinal properties. In fact, if one had to list out all the medicinal Indian herbs, they could go on and on.

Here are the 4 most common herbs and their benefit:

Pudina, Image credits Pixabay

⦁ Pudina or Peppermint

Peppermint is popularly known for its cooling effect and aroma but they are also one of the best Indian herbs that have numerous medicinal properties.

They include:

⦁ Improves Digestive System

Peppermint is good for treating digestive disorders like IBS that causes symptoms like gas, bloating, stomach ache, abnormal bowel habits, etc. This is because peppermint contains a compound known as methanol that helps relax the muscular layers of the digestive tract.

It also aids with indigestion and upset stomach as the food in the stomach tends to pass quicker when there is peppermint in it.

⦁ Improves Brain Function

By ingesting and inhaling mint, it could help improve a person’s brain function by increasing and strengthening memory, increasing alertness, and reducing stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, and fatigue.

⦁ Helps Relieve Breastfeeding Pain

Breastfeeding is often followed by difficulties like soreness, pain, and cracked nipples. Most studies claim that applying topical mint products to the areolar cracks is far more effective than ingesting mint for that benefit.

⦁ Treats Symptoms of Cold

Methanol in peppermint oil is an effective decongestant that improves airflow in the respiratory tract and thus, improves breathing and congestion.

Brahmi Leaves, Image credits PxHere

⦁ Brahmi Leaves

This ancient herb it’s versatility. It’s benefits include:

⦁ Improved Hair growth

Brahmi is one of the best Indian herbs for hair growth. This is because it improves the health of the hair by preventing dandruff, itchy scalp, and preventing split ends.

⦁ Boost immunity

The delayed action of the immune system to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature of Brahmi herbs triggers the immune system to work faster and more effectively.

⦁ Reduces Stress

This herb provides a calming effect and helps prevent stress, anxiety, and depression by increasing brain function and healing oxidative stress damages.

⦁ Treats neurological and mental disorders

Helps treat the symptoms of conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, and ADHD.

Saffron, Image credits Pixabay

⦁ Saffron

There are numerous impressive benefits of saffron. They include:

⦁ Rich in antioxidants

Since saffron is rich in antioxidants, it provides multiple benefits to the skin and also prevents disorders like heart disease and cancers. This is because they prevent cell damages by scavenging out any free radicals that might harm the body cells.

Such radicals are usually formed when the body breaks down certain foods or when a person smokes tobacco.

⦁ Regulate blood sugar levels

Saffron can lower blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity and thus, is a very beneficial herb for diabetics.

⦁ Reduces PMS symptoms

Saffron helps lower the stress hormone known as cortisol. As a result, it reduces symptoms like anxiety, stress, cravings, irritability, headaches, and pain.

⦁ Turmeric and Ginger: Herbs for Arthritis and Joint Pain, Image credits Pickpik

⦁ Turmeric and Ginger: Herbs for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Turmeric and Ginger possess active ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Thus, they are used to treat various arthritic conditions- mainly rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

As a result, they treat or prevent distinct symptoms like inflammation, chronic pain, stiffness in the joints, and can even prevent bone destruction or disintegration.

In addition to that, they help boost the immune system and reduce nausea or vomiting which could be caused by factors like motion sickness, chemotherapy, etc.

Lastly, they also help regulate the digestive system and even reduce symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders.

Bottom Line

The herbs mentioned above are beneficial to your health and are also very popular ingredients found in almost every Indian household. Therefore, be sure not to only use them to improve your cooking experience but health as well.

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