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5 Disadvantages of Drinking Hot Water

No doubt, drinking hot comes with a plethora of benefits for your health. From improving your digestive health to giving you glowing and healthy skin, it seems to do it all. Many people drink hot water right at the time they wake up. Doing so is recommended by several healthcare professionals too. But does that mean it is suitable for everyone?

Drinking hot water comes with its own set of precautions that can injure your health instead of promoting it if not taken care of. You heard it right. There are times when hot water should not be consumed as it can put you in a very discomforting situation. Let’s find out how a hot water drink turns dangerous for your health.

What Are the Disadvantages of Drinking Hot Water?

Consumption of hot water in large quantities can make you sick. It can swell your brain cells and cause an imbalance in the water concentration in your body. You should remember that even healthy food items if consumed in excess, can have the opposite effect. The same is the case with hot water. It’s hard to believe that water, which is the healthiest liquid in the world, can make you ill. Some of the potential drinking hot water side effects are:

  1. Kidney damage

  2. Burns the lining of the mouth

  3. Causes sleep disturbance

  4. Electrolyte dilution in the blood

  5. Provides a breeding ground for contaminants

1.   Kidney Damage

kidney damage from hot water

Woman experiencing kidney pain, Credit: Pixabay

Our kidneys do the job of eliminating extra fluids from the body. Many people consume large amounts of hot water, thinking that it will detoxify their bodies. But instead of detoxification, the excess quantity of warm water inhibits the kidneys to clear it. Instead, it damages the kidneys and, in the process, your digestive system too.

2.   Burns the Lining of the Mouth


Picture of false teeth, Credit: Pixabay

Hot water can develop blisters in the mouth and  burn the lips, tongue, and the innermost lining of the mouth. It can also burn the lining of various internal organs inside the body, especially the digestive tract and the esophagus. Hence, always check the temperature of the water and make sure it is not too hot.

3.   Causes Sleep Disturbance

disadvantages of drinking hot water

A sleepless man, Credit: Pixabay

Consuming hot water, especially large amounts of it during your bedtime, can wreak havoc with your sleep schedule. It will make you urinate at frequent intervals throughout the night, and you will not be able to get a wink of sleep. Stop consuming water or any other liquid two hours before you hit the bed.

4.   Electrolyte Dilution in the Blood

drinking hot water side effects

Drinking too much hot water can also have negative effects on the blood and the cells in your body. It dilutes the electrolytes present in the blood which directs the water flow to the cells of the body. Over time, it can swell it and cause pressure and pain.

5.   Provides a Breeding Ground for the Contaminants

side effects

Glass of water, Credit: Pixabay

If the pipes are rusted, there is a risk of lead particles to dissolve with hot water. Contaminants have the tendency to mix well in hot water instead of cold water. So you need to take out water and heat it in a kettle to drink it. Never drink it from the pipe.

The above side-effects or disadvantages of drinking hot water are easily overlooked by many people. Keeping them in mind whenever you go to drink hot water will ensure that you get the most benefits out of it for your body.

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