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5 Glute exercises for tighter butt you can do at home

Glutes are an essential body part which helps in walking, climbing and other activities. If you do not tone them then they become weak. You should always exercise and keep them healthy. Not always we need to lift weights and go to the gym for toning our muscles. We can do simple exercises even at the comfort of our home without needing any equipment. You can always search online for videos for learning the exercises in detail.

Hip Thrust

glute workout home

women doing hip thrust, Credits: pexels

This exercise is one of the best exercises to do at home. it leads to a particularly toned butt that everyone will compliment you on.

  1. Your back should be against a bench and bend your knees.

  2. You can use weights like a dumbbell for your pelvis

  3. Give a thrust to your hips upward and downward

  4. Squeeze your glutes tightly and repeat again

Goblet squats

goblet squat butt exercises
  1. Place your feet with shoulder distance apart and use a kettlebell at your chest levels

  2. Inhale and bend the knees and push the hips back and get into a squat

  3. Get your hips to level of knees and exhale

  4. You can easily repeat 10-12 times

Romanian Deadlift

glute workout home

person lifting weight, Credits: pexels

This exercise is specifically good to tone up your glutes. It is essential to incorporate some variation in the form of exercises you do. If you do the same things or exercises again and again then your body will get used to that ting and would not respond to it.

  1. Take a dumbbell in both hands each

  2. Keep your hip-width distance equal and stand with bent knees

  3. Hands should remain close to the legs and bend your knees

  4. Push hips and return to starting position and repeat this

  5. Always squeeze your glutes while doing the exercise for maximum results

Walking Dumbbell Lunge

lunges for butt exercises

The steps to do this are similar to do lunges, except this is done with weights.

  1. Hold dumbbells in both hands

  2. Bend your knee at 90 degree and the other knee should also bend but not fully touch the ground

  3. Repeat this for both legs

  4. You can do 2-3 sets of this which 15 reps

Kettle swings

glute workout home

person performing kettle swings, Credits: pexels

  1. Stand with shoulder width apart with a kettlebell in front of you.

  2. Throw the kettlebell and catch it by your hips

  3. Inhale and exhale and watch your breath

  4. Hike the ball and guide it to fall

  5. You can repeat this 10 time for 2-3 sets

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