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7 Leg exercise for women that don’t require heavy weights

Legs are an important part of our body and should be looked after well. It is important to exercise regularly and keep your body and legs in a good shape. Legs should also be toned and strengthened through exercise.

If you keep your legs fit, then your posture is improved and you will be able to move around a lot.

All women should take care and do leg exercises as they are more susceptible to lower limb injury. If you do leg exercises regularly then your legs will get the much needed strength.

Your muscles will flex and relax. You will also have more support to move around. Not all exercises need you to lift heavy weights. You can do them anywhere and everywhere. Read on to know more about it.


leg workout, lower body workout for women

leg exercise, Credits: pexels

Squats means that you need to sit down and get up back again. But the body posture and form should be correct, otherwise it might lead to damage. By doing squats you primarily target glutes and quads muscles. Remember to keep your core engaged.

If you like to jump, then try jumping squats which are all the more interesting. Remember to inhale and exhale properly while doing the exercises.


lower body workout

Lunges leg excercise, Credits: pexels

Lunges are great leg exercises which can be done anywhere. But tis requires a lot of balance and stability. If you learn this well then your back, hips, and legs will be strengthened.

When you master the basic lunges, then you can try walking lunges or lunges with weights. Inhale and exhale properly as you do it. Do equal number of repetitions on both the sides.

Lunge back kick

lower body exercises for women

This move works your glutes, abs, quads, calves, hamstrings, and hip flexors.

Do 2-3 sets of it. keep your breathe in check. Squeeze your glutes as you do this exercise. Repeat the same on the  other leg as well. Breathe out as you kick back and breathe in when you lunge.

Calf Raise

best leg workouts

Do not neglect the calves as they are essential too. Strong calves can enhance your stability and can help in activities like running etc. and decrease your chance to have injuries. Raise your heels 5 to 10 cm above the floor level.

Side leg raise

This simple exercise can be done on a mat without lifting any weights. Make sure to keep your lower back comfortable to avoid injury.

Side plank raise

leg exercise for women

side plank raise leg exercise, Credits: pexels

This simple exercise works on your abs, obliques, back etc. Get yourself into the plank mode and raise you leg above the hips. Do 20 repetitions on each side. Make sure you engage your core and a straight line is formed and your shoulders are correct. You can lift your upper arm to the ceiling for balance.

Donkey kicks

thigh exercises for females

donkey kicks leg exercise, Credits: pexels

Donkey kicks are another great leg exercises. They work on your glutes, back and thighs. They are relatively easy to do. Do 20 repetitions in a set and repeat the set twice.

In all the exercises keep a close watch on your posture and spine. While raising your leg up, do squeeze your glutes. Also, spread the weight evenly and balance well.

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