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How to reduce fat in the butt permanently

Our butts are an important body part that are essential in the way how we look. They have to be looked on for and proper exercises targeting that area should be done to keep it toned.

Go for a run regularly

exercise to reduce hips

people running, running

Running is good for your body and legs. It is a great form of cardio that defines out lower part of the body. It tones out your glutes, thighs and butts. This is also easy and can be done anywhere and everywhere. No special equipment is required.

High-intensity interval training

how to reduce hip fat

person running on treadmill, Credits: pexels

HIIT includes training in high speed and intensity for a short period of time frame. This is then followed by exercise at much slower speed and intensity.  The overall workout is much more shorter and is more effective in losing weight that the moderate intensity exercises.

Dutch the elevator and take the stairs

how to reduce butt fat

Climbing up and down will keep your body happy and is a great form of cardio.

It will strengthen your butt and legs. You may even opt for hill hiking or climbing. You can even use the step climbing machines are present  in the gym itself.


butt exercises

people doing squats, Credits: pexels

Squats are very popular and easy to do exercises. The following steps can be done:

  1. Stand on hip shoulder distance apart

  2. Go down like you sit on a chair, keeping your back straight.

  3. Repeat this many times but posture and spine should be correct.


exercise to reduce hips

Lunges are a great exercise form that targets the glutes.

It targets the thigh and calves. The following steps can be done for this:

  1. Step forward with the left leg first

  2. Bend the body at 90 degrees but the right knee and leg should not touch the ground.

  3. Get up to the starting position and repeat this. Make sure to keep your body posture balanced and well aligned.


lose butt fat permanently

The kickbacks exercise, Credits: pexels

Kickbacks are easy exercises that targets the butts and help you shape them

  1. Touch the hand and knees on the floor

  2. Extend the legs backward

  3. Kick the legs backwards

  4. Squeeze your butts and repeat this exercise 10 times

Eat a balanced diet and practice portion control

balanced diet

The key to weight loss is losing or burning more calories than the intake of calories.  You should try to limit the portion size and limit the intake of servings.

Below mentioned are some tips which you can follow to lose weight.

  1. Green leafy vegetables

  2. Consume protein like fish, tofu, lentil,

  3. Try cold pressed oil than refined oils

  4. Do not eat processed food

  5. Replace refined flour with wholegrain food

  6. Follow mindful eating and eat your food with concentration

  7. Keep yourself hydrated

Get enough sleep

burn your butt fat

a man sleeping, Credits: pexels

Sleep is very essential for our well-being and is much needed for all humans.

You also will tend to eat more junk food and unhealthy foods. This will add extra pounds to you. Your metabolism also tends to be sluggish and slow.

Read a good book or listen to your favorite music play. Even taking a warm bath before bed might also help. You should try to sleep on the same time everyday.

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