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6 Things You Should Eat in the Winter and Why

It’s time to take out your cardigans and sweatshirts and prepare for the long winter season ahead. For many of us, the cold season is characterized by steaming cups of tea and coffee, staying curled up under the blankets and feeling our appetites grow. Winter foods in India are renowned for their incredible tastes, aroma, and flavours that can make anyone’s mouth water. But these sweet delights and warm dishes are usually very heavy on the body’s digestive system. As a result, not only do they make us pile on pounds, but they also impact our immunity in a negative way.

Eating healthy during winters does not have to be difficult. Who said that healthy foods are not tasty?  The list of winter food items mentioned below will provide you flavour, as well as health in the same plate.

Six Healthy and Delicious Winter Foods for You to Try out

  1. Nuts and seeds

  2. Jaggery

  3. Bajra roti

  4. Sweet potato

  5. Winter fruits

  6. Hot soups

1.   Nuts and Seeds


A bowl of nuts, Credits: Pixabay

One of the best winter food items that you should eat every single day are nuts. They are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, and protein, and immensely help in protecting your body from the effect of dipping temperatures. Just a handful of walnuts, almonds, pistachios will keep you full and warm. Once you begin consuming them, you won’t feel lethargic or sluggish, unlike other days.

2.   Jaggery


Woman making jaggery laddus, Credits: Pixabay

Jaggery or gur is an ancient Indian powerhouse of nutrition. If you are someone with a sweet tooth, then this superfood is perfect for you. Not only will it’s sweet taste satisfy all your sugar cravings, but you will also receive an antioxidant boost. Jaggery contains many vital micronutrients like zinc, selenium, and iron. All these are essential for the optimal functioning of your body.

Take a small piece of jaggery after your meals and feel an instant burst of energy along with improved digestive health. You can also use jaggery to sweeten your tea and improve its taste.

3.   Bajra Roti

bajra roti

Roti of Bajra, Credits: Pixabay

Bajra roti acts like a nutrition storehouse for your body, giving it all the essential nutrients like magnesium, potassium, fibre, and protein. All these nutrients have many benefits that range from improved heart health, digestive health, and improved blood sugar levels. Eating it in the winter season will prevent you from gaining weight while soothing your appetite in the process. Bajra is gluten-free; hence, those who are allergic to wheat can consume it safely.

4.   Sweet Potato

winter food

Woman holding sweet potatoes, Credits: Pixabay

Sweet potatoes are one of the most delicious and healthy food items that you can enjoy in winters. They contain a range of vitamins and minerals like calcium, selenium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. being a rich source of fibre, sweet potatoes work towards promoting great digestive system health. They will keep you full for longer, thus aiding sustained weight loss. You will never feel tired or depleted of energy after having them.

5.   Winter Fruits

winter fruits

Grapes, lemons, and apples, Credits: Pixabay

You might think that fruits are good only for the hot season. But after eating mouth watering winter fruits like kiwi, mandarin, apple, pomegranate, and oranges, you will change your mind. All these fruits are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants necessary for keeping your body’s immunity strong, especially to brave the winter months. You will not fall prey to any infection like flu and common cold, after including them in your diet as a snack.

6.   Hot Soups

winter soup

Woman smelling hot soup, Credits: Pixabay

One of the overlooked condition during the winter months is dehydration. As you dont feel thirsty, you neglect to hydrate your body with adequate water. Soups like tomato, mixed vegetables, and corn, especially when prepared at home are a great way to keep yourself warm and ensure that your getting enough water intake. They are also helpful in keeping yourself free from any common winter ailments.

The above-mentioned food items, if made a regular part of your diet along with daily exercise will make the winter season a lot more enjoyable for you. Instead of staying in your bed all day, you will find yourself active and energetic all day long.

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