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8 Iron-Rich Fruits To Add In Your Next Fruit Salad

Your body needs a steady stream of iron to perform vital functions needed to keep your body running. At the same time, iron can be found in various sources of foods. Here is the list of top iron-rich fruits that can serve to give you the required amount of iron.

The list of iron-rich fruits include:

  1. Blackberries

  2. Jamun fruit

  3. Guava

  4. Bael

  5. Dried Apricots

  6. Dates

  7. Coconut fruit

  8. Ber fruit 

Let’s see what amount of iron these fruits contain.



a bowl of blackberry fruit, Credits: pixabay

Per 100 g of blackberries contains around 0.4-0.7 mg of iron. Blackberry fruits are among the most versatile fruits that can be used as vegetable salads, jellies or sauces. Blackberry is rich in essential vitamins and minerals C. The iron-rich compound can increase the haemoglobin content in an individual by boosting its production.

Jamun fruit

Jamun fruit

Jamun fruit, Credits: pixabay

100 gm of Jamun fruit contains around 1.41 mg of iron. The extracts of Jamun have various antioxidant properties which are critical for the production of haemoglobin. Jamun fruit also maintains healthy blood circulation in the body by delivering the oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues. Since Jamun fruit is a blood purifier, it is often not recommended to be eaten by pregnant women.

Guava fruit

guava fruit

Guava fruit is rich in iron, Credits: pixabay

One small size fruit of guava contains around 1.2 mg of iron. Studies have concluded that adding guava fruit in the diet of pregnant women can improve maternal haemoglobin levels. Haemoglobin is an essential component of blood and the requirement nearly doubles during pregnancy.

Bael fruit

Bael fruit and juice

Bael fruit, Credits: pixabay

Bael fruit or wood apple is a rich source of iron and 100 gms of bael fruit pulp contains around 1 mg of iron. Bael fruit is a rich source of iron. It acts as a natural blood purifier and increases the red blood cell and haemoglobin count in the blood. This fruit and its drink are incredibly beneficial for people suffering from anaemia.

Dried Apricots

Dried apricots

Dried apricots are the richest source of iron, Credits: pixabay

Dried apricots are delicious to eat and also serve numerous health benefits. They’re also a great source of iron and antioxidants. Every 100 g of dried apricots can give you at least 50% of your daily requirement of iron. Dried apricots are available all around the year as they keep longer and can be stored for several months. They are rich in fibre, suitable for blood sugar control.


iron rich fruits Dates

Dates, Credits: pixabay

Do you know dates are the most abundant source of iron and an average of 100 gms of dates can give around 4.8 mg of iron? Dates are most recommended in pregnant women as it provides strength and stamina along with essential nutrients to the pregnant woman. The abundant source of iron also increases the levels of haemoglobin in the blood, which in turn may help cope up with the loss of blood during labour.



Dates, Credits: pixabay

Coconut another iron-rich fruit that not only quenches your thirst on a summery day but also gives you around 1.9-2 mg of iron. A cup of slippery sweet and juicy coconut pulp is all you need to add into your daily fruit salad.

Ber fruit

Ber fruit

Ber fruit, Credits: pixabay

Ber fruit is a well-known economic and medicinal plant whose leaves act as fodder for the caterpillar. Its small fruits which taste sour and sweet are very nutritious and tasty. Ber fruits are loaded with vitamin C, sugar, calcium, minerals, phosphorus, and iron. Per 100 gms of ber fruit contains around 0.8-1.8 mg of iron. It also provides Vitamin C, which is essential to help absorb iron in the body.

All the fruits mentioned above can help increase your haemoglobin levels if you are diagnosed with anaemia. Maintaining a normal amount of haemoglobin provides you with strength and stamina.

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