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Angst Does Not Discriminate: 10 Celebrities with Mental Health Disorders

A significant number of people suffer from mental health disorders around the world yet the conditions are still stigmatized. This negative image that is associated with these disorders has affected individuals who need treatment but are not able to get it. The bottom line is that they are diseases and like other diseases they require treatment. There is no place for stigma and ridicule.

Angst and the other mental health conditions can affect anyone and to prove that,

Here Are 10 Celebrities With A History of Mental Health Disorders:

Amitabh Bachan

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Professional setbacks were the cause of his condition

The veteran actor has been in the industry since the year 1969 and is a living legend of the Indian cinema industry. Yet Mr. Bachan was a victim of depression once in his life.

After his massive success as an actor, he decided to become a film producer in 1996.

During the next four years none of the films that Amitabh Bachan had produced brought in positive results at the box office. This drove him to a major financial crisis and depression.

The battle with depression was tough but he lifted himself, got back into acting and is considered a massive success today.

Shah Rukh Khan

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He suffered from depression

Shah Rukh Khan has had a long career which has brought him a lot of success. He is a fan favourite and has performed brilliantly throughout his acting career but he too is no stranger to depression.

Shah Rukh Khan admits that there was a time when he was depressed. The actor suffered a ligament tear in his shoulder which needed surgery. He has admitted that after the surgery was done, he was in depression. Injuries with long recovery times can induce depression.

He believes that the depression is behind him now and he is full of energy to go ahead in life.

Anushka Sharma

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Anushka Sharma undergoes treatment for anxiety

The actress suffers from anxiety and also has strong opinions against the stigmatization of the disease. She has admitted that she has an anxiety disorder for which she requires medication while also saying that many people in her life suffer from other mental health conditions as well.

She has been vocal about promoting treatment for mental health disorders. The actor went on to compare anxiety disorders with a stomach ache and asked a question If you would treat the stomach ache or not? If you would treat one and why not the other.

Tiger Shroff 

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His first bad movie made him depressed

Tiger Shroff is a Bollywood star who is known for his action roles. He made a good Bollywood debut with his first two movies doing well but this was followed by his third movie, which turned out to be a disaster.

The actor admitted that because it was his first setback, he took it very hard on himself. He suffered from depression.

The condition bothered him for a while until he realized that there is more work for him to do that he can enjoy doing.

Deepika Padukone

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She has set up a foundation for mental health

Deepika Padukone suffers from depression and has shared her experience of being diagnosed with the disease as well as dealing with it. She went to say that initially, it was difficult for her to identify the condition. Like many others, she believed that what she was feeling was stress and the condition would resolve on its own. It was at this point where she received immense support from her family who helped her and convinced her that she should see a doctor.

Since then, she has been doing very well and after her experience, she has gone on to establish a foundation called The Live laugh Love Foundation which is working on issues related to mental health in India.

Ranveer Singh

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A tragic incident was the cause of his depression

He is an actor who is known for his intense acting and amazing performances yet the actor witnessed a tragedy which put him into depression.

A friend of Ranveer Singh took to social media talking about suicide and before the chance of any intervention, he killed himself. This tragedy caused serious damage to Ranveer Singh.

The actor underwent treatment by a therapist.

Ileana D’Cruz

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She suffers from body dysmorphic syndrome

Ileana D’Cruz is an Indian celebrity who has worked in many movies. By her admission, the actress suffers from anxiety, depression and body dysmorphic condition.

Body dysmorphic condition is a mental health disorder in which the patient obsesses over a perceived flaw in their appearance.

Karan Johar

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Karan Johar had an anxiety attack during a meeting

There was a time when the film-maker narrated an interesting incident from his personal life. He said that once during a meeting he started having symptoms which he interpreted as heart problems and rushed himself to a hospital. The doctor informed him that his perceived heart attack was, in fact, an anxiety attack. This is where he was diagnosed with anxiety.

He has admitted that he suffered from depression as well and he saw a therapist for treatment. Karan Johar stated that the depressing phase of his life was very difficult to get through but he did get through it.

Neha Kakkar

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She posted on social media that she was suffering from depression

She is an Indian singer who primarily works in Hindi and Punjabi music industry. Once upon a time, she took to social media to post that she was suffering from depression.

Neha Kakkar did not reveal many details about it afterwards but she did say that she was doing better.

Hrithik Roshan

Hritik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan believes that stigmatisation is wrong

Hrithik Roshan is an advocate for raising awareness about mental health disorders. He believes that these conditions do not deserve the stigma that surrounds them. The actor went to talk about his mental health issues.

He said that his life was full of ups and downs and there was a point when he was suffering from depression.

He explained that in those difficult situations, treatment is necessary because a third person’s objective view could be enough to solve your problems. His ups and downs may continue but he has certainly put his depressed phase behind him.


Mental health disorders are serious medical conditions that require treatment. Many celebrities have appealed to people to not stigmatize them.

It is important to ensure that they are treated as diseases because only then help will reach those who need it. If you feel someone near you suffers from mental health disorder please consult a doctor. It is a disease and it needs treatment.

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