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Are Fruit Smoothies Healthy for Breakfast?

Many people start their day with a nutrient-dense, delicious smoothie. The sight of fresh fruits, vegetables, and tasty nut butter is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Most people get on the smoothie bandwagon to lose weight. They make elaborate smoothies for weight loss with plenty of fruits and think that consuming them regularly will make them slim and slender.

But are such weight loss smoothies the answer to all your weight issues? Can an extremely healthy drink like smoothie sabotage instead of renewing your health? According to the latest research, there are indeed a few ways by which smoothies can hamper your weight loss goals, and in the process, your health.

What Makes Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies Healthy?

green smoothie

Caption: A green smoothie, Credit: Pixabay

Fruit smoothies are made with fruits, vegetables, nut butter, herbs, and spices, all of which are extremely healthy for your body. The high amount of fiber in fruits and vegetables helps reduce inflammation and contributes to a strong immune system and mental health. Fruit smoothies also aid in digestion and prevent issues of constipation. It is especially true for smoothies that have high quantities of green leafy vegetables in them.

Alternatively, there are many smoothies that are made with vegetable juices. What about them? Are vegetable smoothies good for you? When consumed as part of a balanced diet, they fulfill the daily recommended serving of green vegetables and keep you full for longer. Thus, they aid in weight loss. Adding vegetables is also a great way to reduce calories and increase the volume of shakes and smoothies.

How Can Fruit Smoothies for Breakfast Become Unhealthy?

Fruit smoothies

Caption: Fruit smoothies, Credit: Pixabay

Seemingly healthy fruit and a vegetable smoothie can be deceiving. Here is how a healthy smoothie becomes unhealthy due to the following reasons.

  1. Poor macronutrient composition

  2. Low satiety level

1. Poor Macronutrient Composition

If your smoothie doesn’t contain an adequate amount of proteins and fats, then its never going to aid in effective weight loss. Loads of sugar and carbohydrates from fruits will not make it a proper meal. You will experience an energy crash, sugary cravings, and unstable blood sugar levels. The smoothie should contain a perfect balance of all three vital macronutrients, i.e, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to become a truly healthy elixir.

2. Low Satiety Level

Smoothies, if not prepared in the right manner, run the risk of leaving you unsatiated. First of all, make sure that your smoothies have enough calories from all the three macronutrients to be classified as a breakfast meal. Just picking a few fruits and blending them wouldn’t do the trick. Cut down on dates, honey, or maple syrup that only add calories and sugar. Focus on adding more greens instead. It will provide you satiation and you will not be thinking about your next meal after having your smoothie.

How to Make Healthy Smoothies for Breakfast?

Woman blending a smoothie

Caption: Woman blending a smoothie, Credit: Pixabay

So are smoothies good for weight loss? Well, they certainly are.  If you follow the below-given guidelines your smoothie will turn out to be your secret weapon against weight loss.

  1. Fulfill your carbohydrate requirements by using 1.5 cups of low glycemic index fruits like strawberries, pineapple, peaches, grapes.

  2. Fulfill your protein requirements by adding yogurt, coconut milk, protein powder, and hemp seeds.

  3. Fulfill your fats requirements by adding various nut butter, coconut oil, and seeds like flax, chia.

Bonus tips

  1. Don’t add fruit juices, flavored yogurt, and too many high-calorie fruits like bananas and mangoes. All this will be digested very quickly, leaving you hungry again.

  2. If possible, prepare your own smoothies. Don’t purchase it from a store as you don’t know what goes into them.

  3. Add lots of vegetables like spinach and kale to increase the volume and fiber content of your smoothie.

Thus, we observe that smoothies, when prepared properly keeping in mind the points highlighted in the article can not only effectively aid you in your weight loss, but also provide you a rich dose of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Follow a balanced diet and smoothies your healthy lifelong companion.

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