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Benefits Of Drinking Buffalo Milk | Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk Answered

When it comes to milk, everyone seems to conjure a picture of a glassful of cow milk. And why not? We have grown up drinking cow’s milk and reading about its benefits so that our mind does not wander to think that there might be different kinds of milk from another animal of the same species that can be equally, and sometimes even more nutritional. We are talking about buffalo milk. The affinity of people living in urban areas with cow’s milk is so great that no one gives a thought to the milk of a buffalo. It is only when you visit rural regions that you actually get surprised when you are offered a tumbler brimming with buffalo’s milk.

Today, however, the world is opening its eyes to the myriad buffalo milk benefits. Products made from it like mozzarella cheese, south asian paneer, ghee, and khoa are all making people not only relish the flavour and delicious taste but also learn more about the benefits of buffalo milk. Let us explore the goodness that a buffalo’s milk offers and how this milk is different from cow’s milk.

Cow Milk Vs Buffalo Milk


Paneer made of buffalo milk, Credit: Canva

After reading the difference between these two varieties of milk, you will be left with no doubts in your mind. Here is what separates a cow’s milk from buffalo’s milk.

  1. One of the principal differences between both these kinds of milk is in their fat content. The buffalo milk has more fat in it than a cow’s milk. That is why after drinking buffalo’s milk you will find yourself considerably fuller and satiated.

  2. Another feature that distinguishes buffalo’s milk from that of cow’s is the protein content. The milk of a buffalo has 11 percent higher protein than the milk of a cow. Thus, digesting it is way more difficult.

  3. The cholesterol levels in the buffalo’s milk is way lower than a cow’s milk. It has 0/65 mg/g of cholesterol content.

  4. Another distinguishing feature relates to the level of water content. Cow’s milk is primarily composed of liquid like water. But buffalo milk is composed of solids. You will find yourself more hydrated after drinking cow’s milk.

  5. By now you must have realized that buffalo milk has considerably higher levels of proteins and fat. Thus, you will get more calories after drinking it as compared to cow’s milk. A glass of 100 ml buffalo milk will provide you with 100 calories while the same quantity of cow’s milk will give you around 70 calories.

What Are Buffalo Milk Benefits

buffalo milk benefits

Woman taking out buffalo milk, Credit: Canva

  1. Minimises the levels of bad cholesterol

  2. Highly nutritional

  3. Control blood pressure

  4. Excellent source of protein

1.   Minimises the Levels of Bad Cholesterol


Cholesterol levels in artery illustration, Credit: Canva

Buffalo milk contains a nutrient called potassium in large quantities. It is due to the presence of such high levels of potassium found in this milk that ensures your blood pressure is within the healthy range. Thus, regularly consuming this milk will lead to a considerable difference in the levels of cholesterol in your body.

2.   Highly nutritional

milk nutrition

a glass of milk, Credit: Canva

Buffalo milk is exceptionally nutritious. It has all the vital nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. Its regular consumption enables optimal growth and development of any individual. Bone diseases, joint issues, and other inflammatory conditions of the bones are effectively prevented with its regular consumption. You will not find yourself arthritic in your later life if you consume buffalo’s milk in moderate quantities everyday.

3.   Control Blood Pressure

buffalo milk benefits

Person measuring blood pressure, Credit: Canva

The high levels of potassium in the milk of a buffalo works to effectively regulate your blood pressure. It thus reduces your risks of hypertension, and heart diseases. Drink it regularly so that you remain protected from any kind of heart ailment. The high levels of calcium in it enhances the elasticity of your blood vessels. It ensures that the blood flow in your body is smooth and efficient.

4.   Excellent Source of Protein

buffalo milk protein

woman drinking milk, Credit: Canva

The milk of buffalo is a potent source of high quality protein. It has all the nine essential amino acids that compose the macronutrient protein. You can easily get 8.5 grams of solid protein in a single cup of this milk. If you are looking for ways to build muscle, buffalo’s milk is a must. For those who want to lose weight, they can also benefit from this milk as the high protein levels in it keeps you feeling full and satiated for several hours after you have consumed it.

Is Buffalo Milk Good for Infants?

milk for infants

milk for infants, Credit: Canva

Parents of infants might often wonder, is buffalo milk for infants good? Can they administer it to their baby? Buffalo milk is very good for babies but you need to wait and let your baby attain the age of one year and then feed them buffalo milk. As it is a great source of vitamin A, protein, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, it will help a lot in the proper growth of your infant. At the same time, be aware of the higher fat content in it. If the baby is overweight or carries extra weight, try not to feed buffalo milk to them. Start giving this milk in small quantities and then increase its amount in various food items. Amul is a renowned brand of milk which apart from selling cow milk, also sells buffalo milk. So, there is no need to wonder: Is Amul milk buffalo milk? It certainly is.

Now that you know the plethora of benefits that buffalo milk offers, do not  hesitate to make it a part of your diet. You will only benefit from the highly nutritious content of this milk and will be able to reap all its health benefits.

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