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COVID 19 Vaccine: How Safe Is The Indian Vaccine And Should You Go For It

India is one of those countries that witnessed a massive outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Thousands of people lost their lives while the economy suffered huge losses. Over the past months, everyone seems to have prayed for the speedy arrival of covid vaccine India and finally as the year 2021 rolls, their prayers seem to have been answered.

On Saturday, 16 January, 3021, a mega vaccination drive was started in which more than 30 crore people received the covid 19 vaccine. The two major vaccines, namely, the Covaxin, developed by the Bharat biotech and Covishield developed by the Oxford University have received the stamp of approval from the Indian government. Both these vaccines will be injected in an interval of 28 days. In the first phase of the vaccination drive in India, around 3 crore healthcare workers will be inoculated. Thereafter, this figure will be increased to 30 crores. Already, the medical director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Randeep Guleria, and NITI Aayog member, V.K Paul have been vaccinated.

According to the latest coronavirus vaccine update, till now over 50 lakh people have received the vaccine shot. The drive is only going to get more intense in the coming months. Every healthcare worker is expected to get the vaccine by February 20, 2021. However, people are still under a cloud of confusion regarding this covid 19 vaccine. There are various questions regarding the effectiveness and side effects of the vaccine on their minds. Let us explore them in detail.

How Safe is Covid Vaccine?

Covid 19 Vaccine

Vaccine bottles, Credit: Canva

The covid 19 vaccine has undergone extensive safety trials. Only then its efficiency has been announced. However, the vaccine is not safe for those with food allergies. Hence, consulting with your physician before going in for the shot is of utmost importance. According to the trial data, many volunteers have testified to its effectiveness after a single shot.

Can You Still Get Covid After the Vaccine?

Coronavirus Vaccine

Virus, Credit: Canva

Yes, you can get infected by the virus. But it will not lead to the development of major complications in your body which arises as a result of replication of the virus. Your immunity will be strong but you can spread the virus by coming in contact with another person.

Does the Vaccine Prevent Covid?

Covid Vaccine effectiveness

Vaccine bottles, Credit: Canva

Covid 19 vaccines protective efficiency is very high. It is 90 per cent effective in preventing covid infection.

What Is the Cost of Covid 19 Vaccine in India?

Covid 19 vaccine cost

Vaccine bottle and money, Credit: Canva

The vaccine Covishield is expected to be sold at Rs. 200 to the government. By March 2021, this vaccine will be available for private use for an amount of Rs. 700 to Rs. 800. Regarding Covaxin, there is no clarity over the cost as yet. However, there are many reports that demonstrate that the vaccine will cost around Rs. 350. It may even be less than that.

Who Is Eligible for the Covid 19 Vaccine?

Covid 19 Vaccine eligibility

Woman getting injected, Credit: Canva

It is to be remembered that at present, the vaccine has not been made accessible to the public. However, in the event of it being made accessible to the masses, people will have to register on the Co-win app on their mobile phones. They will need to supply all the details like ID card, Aadhaar card, voter’s ID, PAN card, passport, and other mentioned documents. After that, they will get an SMS on their mobile phones. The SMS will contain all the details regarding the venue, time, and date for the vaccination.

Are There Any Side Effects of the Covid 19 Vaccine?

Coronavirus vaccine side effects

A woman feeling ill, Credit: Canva

There are no major side effects of the vaccine. There are some temporary ones that may feel discomforting. You may experience a mild fever, soreness in your arms, swelling, exhaustion, and muscle ache. But these symptoms may go away after a while. Some dangerous side effects occur only to those who are allergic to it.

Is It Compulsory to Get the Vaccine? When Do Government Plan to Vaccinate the Entire Country?

Covid 19 vaccine India

A person getting injected, Credit: Canva

In India, it is not mandatory for everyone to get vaccinated. The vaccine is voluntary. However, the government of India has requested every individual to get the shot. It will help immensely in curbing the spread of infection and will break the chain of transmission. The government of India plans to get the entire country vaccinated by October of this year.

The caseload of COVID 19 infections in India has decreased to a considerable extent. There is a decrease in death rate and an increase in the recovery rate. With the onset of the vaccine, it is safe to assume that this downward trend will continue. However, it is not a call to throw all the precautions out of the window. You should still follow the safety protocols. Maintain proper hygiene, wash your hands often, maintain social distancing, and do not forget to wear masks while stepping outside of your homes. It is especially important for those suffering from any underlying health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic illnesses. They have been specially requested to get themselves vaccinated and follow all the safety protocols.

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