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Everything you Should Know About The Impact Of Benadryl On Your Health

As an antihistamine drug, benadryl cough syrup has been widely used to treat and reduce the severity of symptoms of allergy, common cold, and hay fever. Taking a dose of benadryl dry cough syrup when you experience rashes, itchy skin, watery eyes and nose is very common. But did you know that many people who consume this medicine also experience a range of Benadryl Side effects?

The Right Dosage of Benadryl

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The dry cough syrup should be taken exactly as it’s recommended on the label of its bottle. As it’s a cold and allergy medicine, so it should not be taken after your symptoms disappear. You can also take it as per the amount prescribed by your doctor. A dosage-syringe is provided with the liquid benadryl. Always measure your medicine with this syringe or a dose-measuring spoon. The medicine should be ideally taken every 4-6 hours.

Keep in mind to shake the bottle before administering the dosage. If you miss a dose, take it when you realise that you missed it.

Bear in mind that if you see no improvement in the severity of your symptoms after a week of benadryl syrup, it is time for you to consult a medical professional. This dry cough syrup for kids is not meant for those less than 2 years of age.

What are the Benefits of Benadryl Dry Cough Syrup?

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Benadryl is an effective dry cough syrup for kids and adults alike. It helps in managing a wide spectrum of symptoms pertaining to the common cold, allergies, nasal congestion, and hay fever. Here’s a list of the conditions whose severity is reduced to a considerable extent by taking this cough syrup.

  1. Runny nose

  2. Itching

  3. Cough

  4. Watery eyes

  5. Excessive sneezing

  6. Rash

What Are The Side Effects of Benadryl Cough Syrup?

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medicine pills and bottle, Credit: Pexels

If you’re using this cough syrup and experience the following effects, make sure to reach out to a doctor or consult your physician.

  1. The major Benadryl Side effects as experienced by many people include but are not limited to constipation

  2. Dizziness

  3. Drowsiness

  4. stomach upset

  5. hazy vision

  6. dryness in mouth

  7. Throat

  8. nose

Effects like facial swelling, nausea, shortness of breath, and sleepiness can also be observed. Benadryl overdose can prove to be fatal as the medicine turns into poison if consumed in more than usual quantity.

How to Exercise Caution While Taking Benadryl?

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Benadryl should not be taken if you are allergic to the antihistamine diphenhydramine or dimenhydrinate. Some inactive ingredients present in this product can lead to severe allergic reactions. If you have medical conditions like asthma, glaucoma, a kidney disease, heart disease, stomach problems or thyroid disorders, you should convey it to your doctor before consuming this drug.

Children are more sensitive to this drug. They may either experience drowsiness or excessive excitement and show hyperactive behavior. Senior citizens can experience constipation, dizziness, or confusion as part of the side effects of this drug.

Benadryl for Optimum Health

To sum up, we can say that benadryl is a potent drug for getting relief from common discomforts like cough, cold, and fever. People often falsely conceive it to be a sleep-inducing drug that can be administered to hyperactive children. It is important to keep in mind that this dry cough syrup for kids should not be used for this purpose, especially when the kids in question are below 12 years of age.

People allergic to diphenhydramine should stay away from benadryl cough syrup. Those with existing medical conditions mentioned above should only consume this drug under their doctor’s supervision. Overdosing on this drug to make up for missed doses is strictly prohibited. Use the dosage prescribed on the label, and if you experience a prolonged stretch of discomfort, seek the help of a doctor immediately.

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