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Is Meftal Safe For Kids?

Commonly used as pain relievers, meftal is an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic drug that is used to treat menstrual, abdominal, and muscle pain. Meftal spas are safe for consumption by everyone. It is even administered to children in liquid form. However, always talk to your doctor before using this drug.

Meftal P for Babies and Children

girl, pill, tablet

Girl swallowing a pill, Credit: Pixabay

Growing children are more prone to contracting infections that lead to fever and stomachache. In such cases, meftal spas syrup is usually prescribed in syrup form to them. It is composed mainly of Mefenamic acid, and is safe even for children as young as six months also. Keep in mind that pregnant women should avoid consuming meftal forte as it is harmful for the development of their babies.

If your child is suffering from fever, headache, backache, swelling then you can use meftal p to treat your child. Children above 12 years of age can use this medicine in tablet form. There are many Meftal p syrup uses for babies , the most common being an effective relief from baby colic (frequent bursts of crying) . However, you should consult with your doctor before taking this medication. Here’s the usual dosage recommended to kids of different age groups.

Recommended Dosage of Meftal for Children

Child, thermometer, fever, health

Boy with a thermometer, Credit: Pixabay

Age groupMeftal p syrup for childMeftal p tablet for child6 months-2 years2.5 MLHalf a tablet2 years – below 5 years5 MLOne tablet5 years – under 9 years7.5 MLOne and a half tablet9 years – 12 years10 MLTwo tablets

The drug should not be consumed in more than the prescribed amount. In case of missed dose, take the next dose at the normal dosage time. Do not make up for the mixes dose by consuming extra.

Remember to give the medicine to your child 15 minutes before he/she consumes a meal. Continue with this medication for not more than 3 days in a row.

How to Know if Your Child has Overdosed on Meftal

Boy, vomiting, food

Boy with hand on his mouth, Credit: Pixabay

Watching out for these symptoms in your child will help you identify if your child has consumed more than the required amount of meftal.

  1. Frequent vomiting and nausea

  2. Constant headache

  3. Problem in swallowing

  4. Dryness in mouth

If you notice one or the other symptom described above, immediately consult a medical practitioner. Any delay in doing so can prove dangerous.

Side-Effects of Meftal Found in Children

Girl, health, problem

Girl with closed eyes, Credit: Pixabay

Meftal can be safely used to treat children. However, every child’s body will react differently to it. Here are some of the common side-effects of this drug that have been observed in children. Usually, children can easily handle them.

  1. Difficulty in breathing

  2. Heart palpitations

  3. Constipated stomach

  4. Dizziness and nausea

  5. Lack of energy

Meftal is effective against fever, stomach pain, and body pain. Consuming it in recommended amounts and at prescribed intervals of time is the key to avoiding the harmful effects of this medicine. If your child is showing a high temperature for quite some time, you can use meftal. However, switching on to this drug should only be done after consulting your doctor.

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