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Five Differences Between A Cricketer’s Health And Yours | IPL 2020

Undoubtedly, cricketers are worshipped as idols, especially in India. Cricketers run the responsibility of representing their country internationally in a highly challenging sport. You might wonder about what a typical day in a cricketer’s life looks like. Apart from training and healthy eating, what other things might be different in them. Do they do some things differently?

It’s no wonder that cricketers are always in the best of their health. Their sport demands from them perfect health in order to enable them to keep delivering their best. People often get the urge to compare themselves to their favorite cricket stars.

This comparison might make some feel less than the other person. But we want you to take the comparison between your physical and a cricketer’s health positively. It should act as a learning experience and should motivate you to become the best version of yourself.

What Is the Difference between Your and a Cricketer’s Health?

Physical health

two men running, Credit: Pixabay

One of the most important indicators of a cricketer’s enhanced physical health is their physique. It differs considerably from an average person. This difference is not only limited to their external features. A cricketer’s body is well-defined with strong muscles and good stamina and strength.

In contrast, an average person, due to leading a primarily sedentary lifestyle does not possess a cricketers’ physique. Let’s take a look at what other things in a cricketer’s health sets them apart from an average person.

  1. Cricketers can eat way more than you.

  2. A cricketer’s heart rate is lower than yours.

  3. A cricketer’s immunity levels are higher than yours.

  4. Cricketers have better concentration power.

  5. A cricketer never loses his motivation.

1.  Cricketers Can Eat Way More Than You

Difference between Your and a Cricketer’s Health

Healthy food, Credit: Pixabay

Cricketers engage in rigorous physical activity on a daily basis. Thus, they burn more calories throughout the day than an average person. It makes it necessary for them to consume more calories in the form of higher carbohydrates and proteins than a typical office worker. If they do not eat more, they will not be able to perform at their best.

2.  A Cricketer’s Heart Rate Is Lower Than Yours

Cardiovascular health

A man running, Credit: Pixabay

Cricketers have lower heart rates than a normal person. It means that their cardiovascular fitness and efficiency is way higher than yours. A low resting heart rate of around 40-50 beats per minute, as opposed to 60-100 beats a minute, is a major difference between the internal mechanism of a cricketer and an average person.

3.  A Cricketer’s Immunity Levels Are Higher Than Yours

High immunity

A person checking temperature, Credit: Pixabay

Cricketers are very less prone to developing health conditions and diseases. Regular exercise makes their immune system more strong and consequently lowers the risk of diseases like cancer and heart attack in them. In contrast, an average person doesn’t engage in much physical activity. Their immune system is not as strong as that of a cricketer.

4.  Cricketers Have Better Concentration Power

Good focus

A man thinking, Credit: Pixabay

A cricketer’s brain function is a lot faster and more efficient than an average person’s. It is because of the regular exercise that increases the flow of oxygen into their brain. Hence, cricketers have more clarity and can focus on tasks for a lot more time. They have enhanced memory and less negative feelings of anger, anxiety, and depression.

5.  A Cricketer Never Loses His Motivation


A man running, Credit: Pixabay

A cricketer is filled with passion for achieving his ambitions. He never loses his motivation even if faced with setbacks and failures. In contrast, an average person may soon quit or give up when things don’t go as planned. The inner drive and confidence in a cricketer surpass any limit.

Thus, we see that a cricketer’s health differs significantly from an average person’s. This difference ultimately boils down to the dramatic difference in a cricketer’s lifestyle versus an average person. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything about it. Start changing your lifestyle from today by making it a healthier one and reap all the benefits of a cricketer’s health instantly!

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