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Foxtail Millet: The Health Benefits Of This Superfood & How To Cook It

Foxtail millet has been used since ancient times in India. It is also known as kakum or kangni in India. This millet is rich it vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Diabetic and heart patients should definitely consume foxtail millets. It also takes care of the bad cholesterol in your body. Millets are rich with healthy nutrients and have been popular specially amongst the millennials and youth. This millet is cultivated in india, china and some places in Europe.  It can stand the high temperatures and harsh climatic conditions. It looks like small yellow seeds and looks similar to mustard seeds.

Various health benefits of consuming foxtail millet

foxtail millets uses

foxtail millets

  1. improves neural functioning

keeping the nervous system healthy is important to keep diseases like parkinsons, bells palsy etc. at bay. Foxtail millets have a plenty of nutrients like vitamins B1, which is important for regulating brain health. Vitamin B1 deficiency affects the brain health and can lead to weakness, tingling etc. so include this in you diet to stay away from brain related diseases. It also contains iron which enhances the oxygen content in the body.

  1. increases bone and muscular health

Foxtail millet is rich in Iron and Calcium. Eating this will increase the bone strength and make you less prone to fractures.

  1. Digestion is improved by foxtail millets

foxtail millet ahs a lot of fibre which can relieve constipation and regulates digestion.

  1. Helps for weight loss- fibres in this millet keep you going on with your day feeling fuller. That way it will decrease your appetite and you will end up reducing weight.

  2. Diabetes Control: foxtail millet is good for people with high blood sugar levels. diabetic patients can consume this over rice. Rice raises the blood sugar levels, so this millet can be used instead.

  3. It is good for people who have gluten allergy as it is free of gluten.

  4. can help in fighting cancer.

  5. it is filled with anti-oxidants and is good for anti-ageing and can help you look younger.

  6. foxtail millet regulates bad cholesterol levels and is beneficial for the health of the heart.

Foxtail Millet recipes

foxtail millets recipes

Plate of foxtail millets food

Foxtail millet dosa recipe

Foxtail millet is easy to cook and can be used to prepare many dishes. You can make dosa. Idli, muffin, breads etc. and can eat it during anytime of the day. You can thicken the soups with it or even put it in your salads.

  1. 2 Cups foxtail millet

  2. 1/3 cup urad dal

  3. oil and salt

Steps to prepare the foxtail millet dosa

Soak the millet and urad dal in water separately for a few hours. You may add methi seeds if you wish to. Grind the mixture and your batter is ready. Put oil on the dosa and spread the batter on the hot tawa. Serve it with chutney or sambhar.

Foxtail millet idli recipe- the recipe is same like that of dosa. Just grind it and prepare the batter. Yo can leave it overnight for fermentation. Pour the batter when it is in a pourable consistency into the idli moulds or idli maker. Let it steam for few minutes. You can even prepare sambhar with it.

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