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Health Benefits Of Jowar And Best Way To Consume It

Jowar or sorghum is very widely cultivated in India. It is a very healthy grain and is a great alternate to wheat. This is gluten free and is specially beneficial for people with gluten allergy. It is grown in Asia and Africa and can adapt very well in harsh conditions. Jowar is a tall plant that has been a part of our cuisine since ancient times. This is very versatile and can be grinded to a flour and can be made into porridge, malt, rotis etc. different types of grains are gaining increasing popularity in recent times. This crop can grow easily in dry and heat related conditions and is a staple food for rural or poor people.

Health benefits of jowar

jowar benefits


  1. Blood sugar regulator: it is a good option for people with diabetes and should be a part of your diet. When you eat this, the blood sugar levels do not spike immediately. It is filled with fibres and regulates digestion as well.

  2. Effective against cancer: Jowar can scavenge the harmful free radicals and is beneficial in  life threatening diseases like cancer etc. Active against microorganisms like bacteria and fungus

  3. Regulates blood circulation in the body: It help in stimulation of red blood cells that boost the oxygen supply to the organs. 

  4. Jowar is filled with healthy nutrients: This has many vitamins like b complex. Contains complex carbohydrates. Fibre levels are also high. Our muscles need proteins to function well and this dal has loads of it. This is specially good for the vegetarians out there. Protein also helps in building up new tissues and repairing the old ones. Cartilage, skin, and bone are benefitted from it. 

  5. Very versatile and can be eaten in any form: Be it dessert or savory items, this dal can be a part of any and almost every recipe.

  6. Great option for vegetarians: This can be easily replaced by non veg food since it os a good source of protein. 

  7. Good for pregnancy: it is healthy for women who are pregnant as it has many healthy nutrients like vitamins, minerals. Pregnant women need good nutrition for the healthy growth and development of their child. 

Few recipes of jowar that can be made easily

jowar recipes

jowar in fields

Jowar ki roti

you need to take jowar flour which is easily available in the market or you can grind it yourself and prepare the flour. You can add salt, chilli, ajwain seeds, onions, corianders seeds into the flour. Then take hot water and start kneading until you achieve a good smoth dough. You can leave it on for a while. Then make a small ball out of it and then flatten it with hands and make it into a round shape. Roll it and use jowar flour on it and then place it on a tawa which is hot. Cook one side for a bit until it turns brown and then flip and let it cook on the other side also. Let it rise and then serve the jowar roti hot. You can easily enjoy it with vegetables or lentils of your choice. 

You ca easily replace the normal wheat rotis with jowar rotis. This will keep you fuller for a long time and decrease your appetite, thus aiding in weight loss. 

A dessert made of jowar: Jowar Halwa

For this you’ll need jowar flour around one cup. Ghee or clarified butter, sugar or jaggery as per how much sweetness you like. You can either add milk or water into it. method: add ghee in a hot pan, after the ghee is hot add the jowar flour into it. mix it till it turns brown and a nice aroma starts coming. To this add three times the water and mix it well. Then you may add sugar or jaggery to it. Make sure lumps are not present. If you want to loose weight then use jaggery instead of sugar to cut down the calories. 

Side Effects of consuming jowar

Although jowar is good for diabetics and people who want to shed extra weight. But, jowar has hydrogen cyanide which is harmful and poisonous and can cause fatality.

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