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How do Vacations Affect Us at a Mental Level?

Most of us relish the idea of going on a vacation. In fact, many people plan their lives in such a way that they can take at least one or two vacations in a year. Have you ever wondered why we like vacations so much and how vacations affect us?

Going on a vacation means that we will be exposed to a new environment. An environment which provides comfort, relaxation and a new dynamic experience. These experiences are often defined by people as a life-changing and a must-try for everyone else.

Let us understand in what ways vacations affect our minds.

Reducing Stress

A stress free woman relaxing

Vacations help in reducing stress, Credits: Pikist

The lives of most individuals today have become very stressful. Some attribute this increase in stress to their working environments while others to their personal lives. The bottom line is that our daily lives have become quite stressful.

When you are on vacation you do not have to work, you get to indulge in activities that you find fun and most of all you get to relax.

The fact that you are away from all the stress-causing things in your life combined with activities that give you pleasure is one of the best stress-reducing combinations in the world.

There are studies which show that people who go on vacations are less stressed than those who do not.

Increases Mental Sharpness

Our daily lives often push us into exhaustion. An exhausted mind becomes less sharp. A vacation allows you to rest your mind and regain your mental sharpness.

A study shows that individuals who are 3 days into a vacation show signs of being well-rested and improved mental sharpness.

Vacations are recommended after long exhaustive work sessions.

Mental Resilience

Vacations Affect - A boat

Getting out of your comfort zone makes your mind more resilient, Credits: Wallpaperflare

Vacations put individuals in a new environment and give them experiences that they have never had before. This exposure to new surroundings is essential as it builds mental resilience and strength.

Going out of your comfort zone to gain new experiences strengthens the mind.

Helps with Depression

There are many individuals who suffer from depression. Recent studies have shown that taking a vacation can help with depression.

These studies suggest that taking a vacation can bring genetic changes which the following impact:

  1. Decrease proteins linked with depression

  2. Boost the immune system

 If taking a vacation can help you deal with depression, it is worth a try.

Enhances Creativity

A vacation house

Vacations can lead you to inspiring places, Credits: Pxhere

Being creative is very important to certain people. For some professionals such as writers, it is a requirement. A lack of creativity can be caused by impaired mental health. To enhance your creativity taking a vacation is a very good option.

A vacation exposes you to new cultures, new things and gives you a holistic experience. Many people find vacations inspiring.

Creativity is often linked with mental health and taking a vacation can help you in enhancing it.


Being satisfied is a key component of having a healthy mind. Many experts believe that the lack of satisfaction can lead people to mental health problems.

Vacations are one of the most satisfying experiences in the world if done right. There are so many aspects to a vacation that enjoying it in itself becomes very satisfying.

Boosts productivity

Vacations ensure that you are away from work for some time so that you re-energize yourself. This lack of work can make your mind focus more on it once you are back. Some people have reported having their desire to work boosted after coming back from a vacation. This newly formed frame of mind helps in boosting productivity.

Vacations Affect - A person working

Taking a trip can boost productivity, Credits: Pixabay


Vacations have a heap of positive benefits for us. They act as rejuvenating agents for most of us. There are some experts who believe that the effects of a vacation can last for months after taking it. One of the reasons why most of us love taking vacations is because they help us at a mental level and we can see their effects on us.

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