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How to deal with sensitive teeth at home?

We all have faced that feeling of sensitivity in our teeth. When we eat hot, cold or sweet foods we tend to have a sensation running down our teeth. You can go to your dentist to get it treated or even treat it yourself at home.

What really causes your teeth to become sensitive?

Enamel is a white and hard substance that protects our teeth. When the enamel wears down or becomes thin, the tubules get exposed to outside surface.  So hot and cold substances directly affect the nerves and stimulate them. Hence, you feel a sharp sensation of sensitivity.

Some reasons why enamel wears down are excess acid foods, tooth decay, teeth grinding etc.

Home remedies to treat tooth sensitivity

Salt and water solution

teeth sensitivity remedies

Salt is said to be effective against bacteria. You can mix it with warm water and do rinses with it. It will make the mouth environment non-acidic and will make the bacteria difficult to survive in the mouth.

Old traditional way of Oil pulling

 home remedies for sensitivity

oil in bowl, Credits: pexels

Ayurveda recommends rinsing your mouth with oil early in the morning. Oil pulling helps to keep your mouth free from the microorganisms.

Chewing Guava leaves


guava on tree, Credits: pexels

Guava is said to be effective against inflammation and can reduce teeth sensitivity.  You can chew guava leaves or boil it  in water and consume it.

Sipping Green tea

green tea home remedy

Green tea cup, Credits: pexels

Green tea is a herbal wonder that has many health benefits. It can strengthen your teeth and alleviate teeth sensitivity.

Paste of Garlic

home remedies to desensitise your teeth

garlic, Credits: pexels

Garlic is known to keep microorganisms at bay. It is anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial. Garlic can help you solve the teeth sensitivity issues.

Apply Clove oil

clove home remedies

clove, Credits: pixabay

Clove oil or clove can be applied around the affected teeth. It can be combined with coconut oil or other oils. Cloves are said to be potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial natural agents.

Consume Honey with warm water

natural remedies

honey, Credits: pexels

Warm water and honey is one stop solution to many health problems. You can even treat your sensitivity issues with it. Honey fights the bacteria and reduces inflammation.

Massage with Turmeric

relief from sensitivity

turmeric, Credits: pexels

Sensitivity in your teeth can be naturally treated at home. you can use paste of turmeric and apply it on the affected tooth. Turmeric also has powerful healing properties.

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