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Root Canal Treatment Cost And Procedure In India

Known as Endodontic Therapy in medical terms, root canal treatment or rct consists of a number of procedures all of which are executed to heal and treat the internal areas of your teeth called dental pulps when they are infected or damaged. It is an effective procedure to get rid of the discomforting dental pain as well as save the infected tooth from being further damaged.

People need to undergo this treatment when they experience extreme inflammation in their tooth’s root. If you are continuously feeling a throbbing pain in your tooth or experience painful sensations while eating very hot or very cold food items then you are a probable candidate for a root canal treatment. Let us find more about root canal treatment cost and procedure in India.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

root canal treatment

teeth anatomy, Credit: Canva

It is a treatment that is designed to prevent and eliminate the bacterias that are present in your root canal region and are damaging your tooth. In this condition, your dental pulp gets infected and it needs to be removed so that the infection does not spread. After the removal of the infected pulp, the inner part of your tooth is disinfected in this treatment. It is also sealed in order to prevent occurrence of a new infection.

As this procedure requires the removal of the infected pulps, you might wonder, Is root canal treatment painful? This treatment is by no means painful. In fact, with the advent of new technologies it is becoming painless. So, those wishing to undergo this treatment can drop their worries of it being a painful process.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in India

root canal treatment cost

picture of money, Credit: Canva

Root canal treatment cost of the major cities in India are listed below:

City Average Price Price RangePuneRs. 3318Rs. 2000-5500NoidaRs. 4333Rs. 3000-6000New DelhiRs. 4438Rs. 2000-9500AhmedabadRs. 5250Rs. 4500-6000BangaloreRs. 5606Rs. 2500-12000ChennaiRs. 4703Rs. 2500-10000KolkataRs. 3876Rs. 1500-7320JaipurRs. 2867Rs. 1600-4000HyderabadRs. 4005Rs. 2500-6000MumbaiRs. 4294Rs. 1500-8500

What Is the Procedure of Root Canal Treatment?

rct treatment procedure

patient undergoing treatment, Credit: Canva

After finding out the root canal treatment cost, you must be intrigued about its procedure. This treatment occurs in various steps that are mentioned below:

  1. An x-ray examination of your tooth is done by the doctor so that the infected area becomes clear. After locating the infected area, the dentist will numb the area around the specific tooth.

  2. A rubber sheet is placed by the dentist around the region of the affected tooth to make it dry.

  3. Next, the dentist will drill a hole in your tooth. It is done to eliminate the decayed nerve tissues. To eliminate the debris sodium hypochlorite is applied.

  4. Now your tooth has been properly cleansed. Your Cosmetic Dentist will now seal it.

  5. In case the treatment stays incomplete the dentist will fill the exterior hole to eliminate saliva and food from there. It is done when you come for the appointment the next time.

  6. Lastly, your dentist will place a crown on your teeth to protect it nicely from breaking. This crown will help your tooth regain its lost functionality.

Side effects of Root Canal Treatment That You Can Experience

root canal treatment side effects

woman feeling pain, Credit: Canva

After knowing an answer to the question, what is the cost of root canal treatment in India, you naturally, would want to know whether or not you will be subjected to any adverse effects. It is rare for you to experience any side effects because nowadays this treatment is done with the help of cutting-edge technology like in Encino orthodontist. Still, you can feel the following effects:

  1. A constant dull pain in the affected tooth

  2. Sometimes you can experience a crack formation at the root of your affected tooth. This crack should be immediately brought to your doctor’s attention as it makes the area prone to bacterial infection.

  3. In case the crown becomes loose, your affected tooth will get exposed. It must be brought to the notice of your doctor. When the crown becomes loose, the seal that has been put by your dentist will start eroding away. It will create conditions conducive for the infection to start again.

  4. Sometimes, your dentist can administer fillers made of a defective material. They are highly prone to erosion. When they erode, the bacterial infection can begin again. If you are finding that your fillers are eroding, consult your dentist.

Guidelines to Follow after Root Canal Treatment Procedure

  1. Follow the schedule of your medications and do not go days without taking medication.

  2. Make a habit of practicing good oral hygiene.

  3. Start eating any food item or drink only two to three hours after the procedure.

  4. Stay away from hard food items for some days.

  5. If you experience an inflammation in any part of your mouth, consult your dentist.

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