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How To Get Nutrition Analysis For Your Food Product

Most packaged foods need a nutrition label which helps customers identify the information they require so that they can make healthy food choices. Here are four ways to get nutritional analysis for your food product.

Why Getting A “Nutritional Analysis” Is Important?

Nutrition analysis

Canned foods, Credits: pixabay

  1. According to the current federal regulations, a nutrition label is mandatory for all the products that are meant for human consumption and are offered for sale.

  2. A label like “gluten-free, low fat, high in protein” helps customers identify your food products in a better way.

  3. Nutrition labeling is important for the government to approve the product for sale on the market.

  4. In case when children or people are using a specific food product, food label with facts provides pivotal information to the consumers whether to use the food product for their specific needs.

  5. The nutritional label also helps consumers compare different brands and make an ideal and informed choice of choosing the product.

What Are The Methods To Get A “Nutritional Analysis”?

The various methods that are used to obtain the nutritional analysis label of your food products include the following.

  1. Laboratory analysis

  2. Nutritional analysis software

  3. Analysis from an independent company/consultant

  4. Analysis using CD-ROM programs

Laboratory Analysis

Nutrition analysis

Lab testing, Credits: pixabay

In this method, you create a sample of your food product and send it to the lab for testing.

Food labs use their extensive database and food science experience to calculate precise nutrition facts for consumers. The information they provide is based on the nutrition facts of each contributing ingredient and the percentage used in your recipe.If you have a heavily processed food, a detailed lab analysis will be analyzedon how much fat is absorbed by the product during the cooking process.

The cost involved is $800 per food item and you have to be prepared for that before you start this.

The time taken for this process is about a month and you have to keep patiently waiting.

Some of the popular food product labs are Food Lab Inc, AOAC international, Intertek, Medallion labs, Nutridata, and nutrition food labels.

Nutrition Analysis Software

Web-based nutritional analysis label software is an affordable way to get a nutritional analysis of your food product.

If you want to launch your product quickly, this method can be an apt one as this has no time delays.

In this method, you have to enter your ingredients to create your labels. The software helps to include allergen statements and you can include health claims like low fat, and include information like whether they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The cost involved may differ from software to software and use it wisely.

Analysis from an Independent Company/Consultant

Nutrition analysis

Food consulting, Credits: pixabay

In this method, your product will be analyzed by an independent consultant or nutritionist such as nutrizionista lodi.

The cost involved is quite high, maybe several hundred dollars.

You have to pay additional charges if you want labels that include details of health claims.

The following are examples of nutrition label consultants.

  1. Prime Label

  2. Food Label Consultants

  3. EAS Consulting Group, LLC

  4. Food Consulting Company

  5. Carter Regulatory Group

Analysis Using CD-ROM Programs

This is an outdated method but is a more affordable method and time delays can be avoided.

When the FDA regulations keep changing, you need to buy a new version of the software.

Take-Home Message

Getting a nutrition label may be a stringent process but it adds value to your food product.

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