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In Pain But Hate Pills? Try This Smoothie Recipe

Sometimes the pain becomes difficult to battle. Our natural instinct tells us to go to a medical store, purchase a bottle of painkiller, and guzzle it for instant relief. While its not a wrong thing, too much dependency on medications can give rise to long term consequences like stomach and kidney issues, addiction, and the possibility of overdose. Not many are aware of this fact, but it is not always necessary to go the medication way for getting relief from pain. There are many natural pain relief smoothie recipes / remedies that guarantee the same result as an over-the-counter medicine or drug.

Why You Need to Consume Anti-inflammatory Foods

nti-inflammatory food

Anti-inflammatory food, Credit: Pixabay

Chronic inflammation, that is, inflammation occurring over a long period of time in your body can be damaging. It can lead to several painful health conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Some herbs and spices that have anti-inflammatory properties like ginger, wild turmeric, pineapple, sweet potatoes, spinach, pumpkin are shown to be more powerful than drugs in alleviating pain. These foods break down the inflammatory compounds in your body and heal it.

The pain relief home remedies which include smoothies made of the above mentioned antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients are all you need to get back that vibrancy in your body. Moreover, these smoothies will also replenish your body with crucial vitamins and minerals needed for the optimal functioning of your body.

Natural Pain Relief Smoothie Recipes

  1. Pumpkin seeds smoothie

  2. Healing turmeric smoothie

  3. Soothing ginger-berry smoothie

1. Pumpkin Seeds Smoothie

pumpkin smoothie glass with straw

Caption: pumpkin smoothie glass with straw., Credits: Pixabay

This smoothie is perfect for fighting indigestion and inflammation. All you need for this smoothie are two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, and a cup of spinach, one orange, half a tablespoon turmeric, and a cup of pineapple.

Blend it all up and savor a delicious smoothie that, apart from nourishing your body with vital micro and macronutrients, will also provide the much-needed relief from any body pain. You can easily find pumpkin seeds online at very reasonable prices. So there’s no reason to say no to this smoothie.

2. Healing Turmeric Smoothie

Healing Turmeric Smoothie

Caption: smoothie bottle and turmeric powder, Credits: Pixabay

Say goodbye to thin, watery smoothies with this rich, creamy smoothie that provides the goodness of turmeric along with healthy fats. All you need to prepare is some fresh ginger, a tablespoon each of turmeric powder and coconut oil, and a cup of frozen mango and pineapple. Add a cup of water to get your desired consistency. You can skip pineapple in case it’s not available.

Blend all the ingredients in a high-speed blender, and you’ll get yourself a tasty healing turmeric smoothie. Curcumin in turmeric is known for its healing properties and is a natural painkiller. The combination of ginger and turmeric is proven to help you fight joint pain and give you that much-needed relief.

3. Soothing Ginger-Berry Smoothie

Pain Relief Smoothie Ginger

Caption: Basket of ginger and a glass of smoothie, Credits: Pixabay

Drink this smoothie if you’re recovering from an illness or an injury. All the ingredients in this smoothie can be easily found in your kitchen. Just combine the ingredients and get yourself a nourishing glass of smoothie loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

In a blender, mix a tablespoon of hemp seeds, a small piece of peeled ginger, two cups of spinach, and a cup of strawberries. Add a cup of water and get your blender going. You can have it as a light meal or as a post-workout snack. Either way, your body will thank you for supplying it with an abundance of antioxidant goodness.

Nature has a cure for everything. Today’s demanding lifestyles give us no time to stop and appreciate the goodness available around us. We are so used to popping a pill when faced with any body pain. We forget that sometimes, what a pill cannot do, a natural remedy can very well accomplish.

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