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Is Black Coffee Good For Weight Loss & Health? Black Coffee Benefits And Side Effects

Black coffee is loved by many but also has its haters. Some people need to drink this right away after waking up in the morning. The health benefits are controversial, some consider it healthy and some not.

Is Black coffee good for weight loss?

black coffee side effects and benefits

black coffee and cup

Black coffee is considered good for weight loss. It can help you shed that extra pounds. So be sure to include this everyday in your routine.

Black coffee does not contain any calories, so people watching their weight can drink it guilt free. When consumed right before a work out session, it is known to boost your metabolic activity and helps you loose weight faster. If you drink this often, then due to frequent urination you will be able to loose your water weight.

In case you are on a diet, avoid adding milk, sugar or any other flavors to your black coffee.

An typical cup o black coffee has 0% fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates. So drink your coffee without any tension of gaining weight.

Is it good to drink black coffee?

black coffee benefits

black coffee cup

Drinking black coffee can have a healthy impact on mind and soul.

Positively impacts the heart

Drinking coffee is said to raise blood pressure levels in the body. But research has said that drinking black coffee every day for many years can reduce the chances of a stroke. Thus, over the time it is good for your heart.

Boosts your memory

Memory related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia can have a detrimental impact on your cognitive abilities. But drinking black coffee regularly can improve your brain memory and keep your mental state sane and fit. So, go ahead and grab your cuppa and improve your brain functioning.

Keeps your liver happy

Liver is an essential organ that help in detoxification. It carries out important functions in the body. Black coffee if taken regularly can boost liver health and prevent many liver diseases.

It is a good stomach cleanser

Like any liquid, the more you drink the more you feel like urinating. Similarly with black coffee, you will want to urinate and hence, toxins get eliminated from your system.

It is a good anti-oxidant

Anti-oxidant helps in damaging the free radicals. This helps you keep young and lively. So drink as much as you want. It also has many essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Black coffee recipe

black coffee side effects

black coffee

There are many ways in which people consume their black coffee across the globe. So, choose and drink as per your taste.

You can either get powdered coffee or get the coffee beans, roast them and grind them yourself. Boil water and add coffee in it. Use a filter paper and pour the coffee. Your coffee is ready. You can also use a coffee machine for this.

Side effects of black coffee

side effects

black coffee in cup

  1. While there are many benefits of drinking black coffee, there are some disadvantages too.

  2. If you take excess of black coffee, or consume it at night then your sleep is hindered. You might not be able to sleep on your usual time.

  3. If you drink black coffee on an empty stomach, you might suffer from acidity.

  4. Too much consumption of black coffee can hamper the absorption of iron, calcium etc.

  5. Anxiety and stress can be caused if too much black coffee is consumed.

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