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Is It Possible To Postpone Periods?

There’s hardly any woman who eagerly looks forward to that time of the month. Though everyone is aware of the importance of a regular menstrual cycle, it is hard to deny that the experience in itself is not quite pleasing. It is especially true when you have a big event to attend or a vacation to enjoy. Such situations prompt ladies to search for ways on how to delay periods or how to postpone periods naturally.

Before you decide to manipulate your menstrual cycle, keep in mind that a maximum delay in periods if not pregnant is around a week. Sometimes, repeated attempts at delaying periods can contribute to a highly irregular menstrual cycle. You would then have to visit a gynacologist to resolve such issues.

How to Delay Periods

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Periods can be delayed with the help of a hormonal contraceptive. But many women might not wish to deal with the side-effects of these pills. In such cases, it is best to take the natural route. Natural methods offer another advantage. They can be used by women searching for ways on how to get periods immediately in one day. They can also be utilised by those wishing to postpone their periods. Here are some of them.

  1. Eat more papayas

  2. Boost the intake of vitamin c

  3. Have some herbs and seeds

  4. Drink some ACV

1.  Eat More Papayas

Papayas contain carotene which stimulates the level of estrogen in the body. It alters the blood flow in the uterine. If you are looking to delay your periods start consuming more papayas.

2.  Boost the Intake of Vitamin C

Vitamin c found in citrus fruits and green vegetables slows down the process of ovulation. Vitamin c found in lemon and raspberry leaves not only makes your flow lighter, but also helps to delay it further.

3.  Have Some Herbs and Seeds

Herbs like parsley contain vitamin B12, vitamin K, and vitamin A. Make a parsley tea by boiling it in water. Consume it in regular intervals throughout the day. You will find the arrival of your periods much later than usual. Powdered mustard seeds or other lentils mixed with lukewarm water and consumed daily will also help you in holding up your periods.

4.  Drink Some ACV

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) mixed with water consistently for around 10 days will postpone your periods and they will arrive later than usual.

How to Postpone Periods Using Medicines

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Person holding a medicineCredit: Pixabay

Hormonal and oral contraceptive pills are prescribed for women wanting to know how to get pregnant fast with irregular periods. There are some medicines and tablets that are very effective in delaying periods in women.

The most widely used medicine to delay periods is Norethisterone. It is essentially a progesterone which is associated with delayed periods.  Other medicines that delay periods and give you relief from heavy menstrual bleeding and cramps are:

  1. Utovlan

  2. Provera

  3. Primolut-N

  4. Ibuprofen

  5. Ovral-G

What are the Side-Effects of Taking Medicines to Delay Periods?

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Woman in pain, Credit: Pixabay

Breakthrough bleeding is one common side-effect of taking contraceptive pills to delay your periods. It is a type of bleeding that begins when you start using such pills. Other medicines like norethisterone and those listed above should be used occasionally. Their regular usage can make you experience side-effects like mood swings, acne, and breast tenderness.

Delaying periods is something which can be tried in urgent situations. A frequent manipulation of the menstrual cycle may lead to infertility issues. If you do however have to delay your periods at all costs try doing so with natural remedies. At the same time, don’t make it a habit to postpone periods. You’ll only have to suffer for it later.

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