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Menstrual Cups: A Complete Guide On How To Use Them & List Of Best Menstrual Cups In India

Gone are the days when women needed to hide the fact that she was menstruating from her family members. Nowadays, there are many new products that are offered in the market designed specially for feminine hygiene. Apart from the wide variety of sanitary pads, menstrual cups, another product used for the same purpose has made its appearance. These are, as the name may suggest, funnel-shaped cups that can be used by women during their menstruation cycle.

Menstrual cups can be used repeatedly unlike a sanitary napkin that can only be used once. Due to their eco-friendly nature they are fast becoming popular among women. Moreover, they are also inexpensive. Additionally, with a menstrual cup all risks of leakage are also reduced. It makes them a much more reliable and safer option than the traditional sanitary pads.

What Is a Menstrual Cup?

It is a feminine hygiene staple which can be used a number of times. A menstrual is available in several sizes. They are made from many materials like silicon, rubber, or latex. When the cup is inserted inside it collects and catches all the fluid. These cups are designed in such a way that make them capable enough of holding even large amounts of fluid. The fluid that they can hold is way more than what a conventional pad or a tampon can hold. Moreover, this cup can be worn by a woman for up to as long as 12 hours.

Are menstrual cups safe?

menstrual cup healthy

Woman holding menstrual cup, Credit: Canva

Since menstrual cups can be used repeatedly unlike sanitary pads, you may ask, are menstrual cups healthy? The answer is given below.

Menstrual cups can be found in two types, namely, a vaginal cup, which resembles a bell, and a cervical cup, which is put around the area of the cervix in the vagina. The safety of using menstrual cups has been studied by many. It has been found that these are a perfectly safe way of maintaining the feminine hygiene. It has also been found that when it comes to performing the actual task of collecting the menstrual fluid, these cups are found to be even more effective than other products used for the same purpose.

However, research has also unveiled around five cases of women who suffered from toxic shock syndrome. It is a life-threatening syndrome that occurs as a result of bacteria transferring into the human body through foreign objects.

How to Use Menstrual Cup?

menstrual cup use

Woman holding menstrual cup, Credit: Canva

For those who are relatively unfamiliar to this unique feminine hygiene product, wondering about its usage is common. You have not previously known anything like this so you may wonder, how do menstrual cups work? Go through the points below and you will be able to utilize this product well.

  1. Wash your hands nicely before touching the cup.

  2. Next, apply some water based lubricant to the cup’s ring.

  3. Now fold the cup in exactly half. You should hold it in your hand and the rim of the cup should be directed upwards.

  4. Now, put the cup inside. The rim should be up and it should be placed some inches below the region of your cervix.

  5. Now, start rotating it. Gradually, the cup will open and develop a seal that functions to stop leakage.

After properly inserting the menstrual cup you should not feel uncomfortable. You should be able to engage in various activities like jumping, running, moving without any discomfort. If inserted correctly, the cup does not fall out.

Precautions before You Start Using Menstrual Cups

It is always a good idea to seek a doctor’s advice before you begin to use menstrual cups. Small menstrual cups are designed for women under the age group of 30 years and those who have not yet delivered a baby through their vagina. Large cups are designed for women who experience a heavy flow and those who have delivered a baby through their vagina.

The following should be considered by you along with your doctor before you start wearing these cups.

  1. Your current age

  2. If your flow is heavy or not

  3. Your cervix length

  4. Capacity and flexibility of the cup

  5. Your pelvic muscle strength

  6. If you have had a vaginal delivery.

List of the Top Menstrual Cups Available in India

best menstrual cups

best menstrual cups, Credit: Canva

If you know how to use menstrual cups and face no discomfort in using them, then you might be interested in knowing about the best menstrual cups brands. You can easily purchase these products online at affordable prices. They are

  1. Ladygo Reusable Menstrual Cup, which comes in two sizes. Its active model is for those women who regularly engage in much physical activity.

  2. Pee Safe Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women is designed for those who have recently delivered. Made of medical grade silicon, it is chemical free and can easily collect 30 ml of fluid.

  3. Zoei Odour and Rash Free Menstrual Cups is a great option that will help those who are frequently confronted by the problem of leakage.

  4. Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women comes in various sizes like small, medium, and arge. It is a very safe product that is widely used as a medical care product.

  5. Wow Freedom Reusable Menstrual Cup and Wash is made of fine quality silicon. It’s easy usage will allow you to continue your normal activities throughout the day comfortably.

  6. Safecup Reusable Menstrual Cup for women comes in the shape of a bulb which helps women to insert it out easily. It is made of medical grade silicon, is soft, and very flexible.

If you want to know which menstrual cup is the best one, the answer is Ladygo Reusable Menstrual Cup. Don’t believe us? Check out the Amazon reviews for yourself!

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