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Saunf (Fennel Seeds): Benefits, How Much To Eat & Precautions

Saunf or better known as fennel seeds has been a part of the Indian culture since time immemorial. It is often served with mishri or sugar after food in restaurants or even at home.

But guess what! It is not just a mouth freshener but has many nutrients and minerals like calcium, zinc etc. The fennel seeds also have many health benefits like aid in digestion, weight loss, regulate blood pressure etc. Therefore, this ingredient has to be a part of your indian kitchen. Below listed are some of the potential health benefits of the saunf or fennel seeds.

Health benefits of the saunf

Fennel seeds regulate the blood pressure

Studies have found that eating saunf or fennel seeds can regulate your blood pressure. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, essential for good health of the body.

fennel tea reduce water retention

If you consume tea made out of fennel seeds regularly then it will get rid of the toxins from your body and clean out your system.

Great for digestive tract issues

Tea made from fennel seeds reduces flatulence, digestive tract problems if consumed often. It is also active against inflammation. This also helps in secretion of the gastric enzymes.

Can reduce symptoms of asthma

fennel tea can clear up the blocked passage of nose and airways. Thus can reduce asthma related symptoms.

Blood purifier

If we include fennel in our diet, they help in eliminating harmful toxins from the body and act as blood cleanser.

Vision is improved

Fennel seeds are a good source of vitamin A which is essential for a good eyesight. So consume these seeds everyday and keep your eyes healthy.

Have a cooling effect on the body

During the months of intense heat or summers, fennel seeds col down our system from within. It holds a great place in Ayurveda due to its cooling effect on the body. It relaxes and calms down the mind. This also helps in regulating the hormonal imbalance of the body and imparts a healthy glow to the skin.

Fennel is a good breath freshener

our mouth often does not smell the best after eating our meals. So, a mouth freshener is advisable. Fennel is a natural refreshing agent which helps get rid of the oral malodour.

You can chew a handful of the seeds after you have eaten your meals. It will also eliminate the micro-organisms in the oral cavity.

It is good for the health of the skin

Rich in nutrients, saunf acts against bacteria and helps in getting rid of the harmful toxins. This purifies the blood and gives a glow to the face and skin. You can boil water and add seeds to it and let the mixture coo. Strain the seeds and apply the mixture on your face. It is also an anti-oxidant that prevents the skin from aging, tightens and rejuvenates the skin. You can even make a face pack from it by mixing gram flour, honey and fennel together. Leave this on for a few minutes and wash with cold water.

Can beat cancer

Saunf is a good free radical scavenger, that can help in diseases like cancer. It has good anti-oxidant properties that can fight these dangerous diseases.

Various recipes in ancient india have involved the use of fennel seeds. They are an essential part of everyone’s household.

How much fennels seeds or saunf should be eaten daily?

saunf in english

fennel seeds

Ideally, one teaspoon of fennel seeds are more than enough if you are using them while cooking. You might even roast them a bit to enhance flavour. They have a pleasant aroma and a good taste to the meals. If you want to consume them in the form of a supplement, then that is available too.

Precautions while consuming fennel seeds

benefits of saunf

saunf seeds

As excess of anything is bad, fennel too should be consumed under limits. Although the seeds itself are sage if consumed, supplements should be consumed with caution. Some also believe fennel seeds are not good for women who are pregnant. It could disturb the growth of the fetus. Pregnant women can consume seeds. But should stay away from supplements or extracts. Always ask your doctor if it is ok for you to high doses or supplement form of it.

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