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Sleep and Weight Loss: Understanding the Link

Losing weight is not exactly a cakewalk. But more difficult than not losing weight is when you find yourself doing everything right yet still not being able to notice the scale tilting in your favour. There are many things that need to be kept in mind while you are trying to lose weight. However, not many realize that this journey towards a fitter life can be made a lot easier by just having a good night’s sleep every day.

Surprised? You may find yourself even more surprised by the fact that a direct relationship exists between sleep and weight loss. Many studies conducted in the past have repeatedly shown that dieters who slept soundly for 7-8 hours every night had fewer cravings the next day and reached their fitness goals faster than those who didn’t. Why is a good sleep so essential to maintaining a good physique? Time to find out.

What’s the Connection between Sleep and Weight Loss?

Sleep and weight loss link

Woman with measurement tape, Credit: Pixabay

When you have a good night’s rest, you experience optimum levels of energy the next day. You give your best to every task. Neither do you suffer from untimely energy crashes and unnecessary food cravings. Here are other ways by which a restful sleep can contribute positively to your weight loss efforts.

  1. Increased calorie burn

  2. Fewer cravings

  3. Enhanced metabolism

  4. Boosts workout performance

  5. Prevents blood sugar instability

1.   Increased Calorie Burn

High energy

Woman in the gym, Credit: Pixabay

When you have adequate sleep, you experience your energy levels on an all time high the next day. You remain physically active the whole day as a result of which your body keeps burning calories. You are ready to do any task that demands much physical or mental exertion. Hence, losing weight becomes easy when you are active throughout the day.

2.   Fewer Cravings

Less cravings

Women near the fridge, Credit: Pixabay

Did you know that it becomes difficult for your body to regulate your appetite when you have had a poor night’s sleep. You’re cravings for high fat and high sugar food items becomes two-fold as you suffer from frequent energy crashes throughout the day. This issue can be easily resolved by getting an uninterrupted sleep the night before.

3.   Enhanced Metabolism

High metabolism

Woman running up the stairs, Credit: Pixabay

Metabolism refers to the amount of calories your body burns when it is at a resting state. It enhances when you are well rested. Studies have shown that those who do not get adequate amounts of rest have metabolism that is 5% less than those who have. Hence, you will not be able to burn more calories through a good metabolism if you are not getting enough rest everyday.

4.   Boosts Workout Performance

sleep and weight loss

Woman doing a lunge, Credit: Pixabay

A well rested body can easily smash an intense workout than a sleep deprived body. When you are suffering from a lack of sleep, your body directs most of its energy in maintaining your energy levels and keeping you awake. On the other hand, when you have had a good sleep the night before, your body is free of any fatigue and hence super charged to perform exercises at its peak. It automatically leads to more calorie burn and weight loss in the process.

5.   Prevents Blood Sugar Instability

Insulin resistance

Blood sugar monitor, Credit: Pixabay

Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for directing sugar from your blood to the cells of your body so that it can be used as energy. High levels of insulin increases your appetite and you feel hungrier than usual. A lack of sleep does exactly that. By making your body insulin resistant, it directs your body to store calories as fat. Hence, it prevents you from accomplishing your weight loss goals.

Did you see how the quality of your sleep is intimately tied to your health and fitness? Consistently depriving yourself from a good night’s rest will not only ruin your weight-loss efforts but it can also make your body prone to a number of health conditions.

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