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Struggling with PCOS Irregular Periods? Here’s How To Get Them Back!

PCOS affects one in ten women. It is an endocrine disorder characterized by highly unbalanced hormone levels. Some of its major symptoms include unwanted facial hair and weight gain, difficulty in losing weight, acne, and hair loss. Pcos irregular periods is one of the hallmarks of this condition. However, the condition can happen to those women who are regularly menstruating too.

Among the painful side-effects of this condition that women face, they find it most difficult to deal with the loss of their periods. Since period loss directly relates to infertility issues, women in such conditions wonder how to get pregnant with irregular periods and pcos?

Irregular periods and pcos pose a severe problem to those women who desire to build a family. It can consequently lead to long term mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Hence there is a need to manage PCOS effectively.

PCOS Why Periods Are Irregular?

Lost periods

A woman thinking, Credit: Pixabay

Before the ovulation period, the lutein hormone spikes. This spike is essential to trigger ovulation. But in women with PCOS, this hormone continues to spike throughout their cycle. There is no sudden spike in the lutein hormone, so no ovulation is triggered. Also, the absence of progesterone hormone prevents the bleeding to occur.

Apart from this, women with PCOS also have high levels of the male hormone, i.e., testosterone. They severely impact ovulation, and in their presence, the egg is not released, and thus ovulation fails to occur.

This leaves women confused and wondering how to get pregnant with pcos and irregular periods? Are there any ways by which you can regain your menstrual cycle? Yes, you can. Here’s how:

How To Bring Back Your PCOS Induced Lost Periods?

  1. Practice patience

  2. Use food as your medicine

  3. Eliminate gluten

  4. Include some supplements

  5. Eat healthy, lose weight

1.  Practice Patience


A women sitting on bed, Credit: Pixabay

Your hormones cannot be balanced in a single day. It takes time for them to regulate themselves. Likewise, it takes time for the egg to develop and you to have your period. All this demands patience on your part. The more anxious or stressed over the periods you are, the more likely the stress of getting them faster will hinder their arrival.

2.  Use Food As Your Medicine

Healthy food

A plate of healthy food, Credit: Pixabay

Do you know that by making good dietary choices, you can manage your PCOS and bring back your periods? A diet rich in fats, proteins, and moderate amounts of carbohydrates will work wonders for your endocrine system and will facilitate a speedy arrival of your periods. Eat lots of whole grains and unprocessed foods. Foods with low glycemic index and high fiber like fruits, vegetables, and seeds will prove highly beneficial to you.

3.  Eliminate Gluten


Gluten foods, Credit: Pixabay

Eliminate all gluten foods like wheat products like bread, cakes, pies, cookies, and crackers. It is because gluten causes inflammation in your body. This inflammation increases the amount of the hormone insulin in your body. The more the amount of insulin, the more testosterone will be produced in your ovaries. Thus, your ovulation will not happen.

4.  Include Some Supplements


Woman taking a supplement, Credit: Pixabay

Women with PCOS who are suffering from irregular periods can take supplements to bring back their periods. Some common supplements are ovasitol and vitamin D supplements.

Ovasitol is effective in regulating ovulation and lowering testosterone levels. Lack of vitamin D has been shown to cause an irregular menstrual cycle. It’s no wonder that women with PCOS are usually found vitamin D deficient.

5.  Eat Healthy, Lose Weight

Weight loss

Woman stepping on a scale, Credit: Pixabay

Losing weight can work wonders to regulate your menstrual cycle. A weight loss of 3-4 kgs will help you to bring back your menstrual cycle. You need to distribute your meals properly throughout the day. Ideally, it would be best if you consumed more in breakfast and less at dinner.

Eating healthy and losing weight through a combination of diet and exercise will prove very effective in regulating your menstrual cycle.

Following the tips mentioned above will help you to kickstart your menstrual cycle in no time. Just being mindful of your meals, managing your stress, and being patient by trusting in the whole process will enable you to win the battle with PCOS.

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