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Top 10 Good And Bad Protein Foods: List Of Bodybuilding Foods

Protein essential if you are trying to build muscle. It is better than carbohydrates. But it is not easy to choose good protein from the bad one. There are multiple foods available in the supermarket to choose from. One can easily be confused from the many options that are available. It is important to choose healthy options as your body becomes according what you eat. So always choose wisely amongst the various food options.

Good protein: A Chicken Breast

good and bad protein sources

protein sources

Chicken breast is easily available everywhere. It is healthy and can be eaten for lunch or dinner. It is loaded with protein. This is a good source of lean protein that has to be a part of your diet. You can marinate it, barbeque it and serve some sauté vegetables.

Bad food: Deep Fried Meat

bad protein sources

bad protein sources

If you deep fry anything the essential nutrients are lost. So if you deep fry the meat all its nutritious contents are gone. If you want a healthy option, roast it or bake it.

So next time you go out dinning you should choose grilled options rather than the fried ones if you actually want to get benefit from the protein content. This is bad food if you are trying to build muscle.

Good protein: Shrimp

good protein sources

body building food

shrimp can be added in salads, pastas, or just barbequed itself.

It is loaded with lean proteins and has very less calories. You can eat proteins for dinner specially if you are trying to loose weight. So go ahead and add it to the dish you like the most and derive benefit from it.

Bad protein: Sausages & Hot Dogs

bad protein sources for bodybuilding

bad protein sources

Hot dogs are loaded with sauces and have a high salt content and they harm more than they benefit you. You should choose grilled meat options or barbeque in a burger form.

Good protein: Greek Yogurt

good protein body building food

body building food

Greek yogurts are very popular amongst the young generation. They ca be used in ice creams, desserts, smoothies etc. you can add healthy chia seeds, or fruits and make it yummy. You can add granola into it and have it everyday for breakfast. It is low in sugars and is good if you want to loose it.

Bad protein: Sugary Yogurt

bad food for building muscle

bad food for building muscle

You should choose greek yoghurts than the ones loaded with sugars. You can add fruits, or granola into it to make it yummier.

Good protein: Wild Salmon

good protein food for body

good protein food for body

salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3. You can grill it and toss some vegetables if you want to loose those extra pounds. You should consume it at least once a week to reap maximum benefits. It is high on protein and very low on fat.

Bad protein: Farmed Salmon

bad protein food bodybuilding

bad protein food bodybuilding

Farmed salmon is not a natural source of protein, or at least less natural than Wild salmon. Though it contains same amount of protein and is low on fat.

Good protein: Lentils

good source of protein for bodybuilding

good source of protein

lentils are a huge part of Indian cuisine. It can be used to make stews or soups. Although preparing it can be tough and time consuming. Include this in your lunch or dinner.  You can even store them or freeze them and use it later.

Bad protein: Whole Wheat/Grain Bread

bad protein sources from food

bad protein sources food

whole grains are high on fibres and low on proteins. They are a part of your daily breakfast, lunch or even dinner but don’t contribute much when it comes to providing nutrients. But with better protein options available, choose wisely and keep yourself healthy.

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