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Top 21 Healthy Snacks to Switch Over To For Better Health

Without giving up snacks, you will lose weight. The snacks should be balanced, complete with many proteins and nutrients.  A quick, healthy, and DIY snack that you prepare in the kitchen can be awesome. Snacks help you keep your blood sugar levels and help you keep satiated till the next meal. Here are 21 healthy snacks to switch over to for better health.

Top 21 Healthy Snacks to Switch Over To For Better Health

The following is a list of 21 healthy snacks that are easy to prepare and at the same time delicious too.

  1. Bread toast

  2. Apple slices with almond butter

  3. Yogurt and berries

  4. Baby Cucumbers

  5. Oat and Dates Energy Bites

  6. Baked apple chips

  7. Red bell pepper with guacamole

  8. Bananas

  9. Banana, Protein, and Almond Milk Smoothie

  10. Carrot Sticks

  11. Greek Cucumber salad

  12. Corn & Bean Salsa with Chips

  13. Watermelon Skewers

  14. Salmon and Cucumber Roll-Ups

  15. Dark Chocolate and almonds

  16. Chia pudding

  17. Bran Whole Wheat Muffins

  18. Oats idli

  19. Three Bean Chaat

  20. Ragi Cookies

  21. Elaichi Granola Bar

Bread Toast

Healthy snacks

Wheat Bread, Credits: pixabay

A simple bread toast with peanut butter can be filling and at the same time healthy too. Only grill a wheat bread with peanut butter & slices of banana. You should add a drizzle of honey and perhaps a sprinkle of chia seeds to the extra fiber material.

Apple Slices with Almond Butter

Fruits are always healthy and perfect for snacks also. Apples are rich in antioxidants and fibers that increase intestinal wellbeing and decrease the risks of heart disease.

You need only 1 medium apple and 2 almond butter teaspoons for this snack.

Yogurt And Berries

Blend of fresh or slightly frozen berries and Greek  yogurt. Greek yogurt is rich in calcium, potassium, and protein.

Baby Cucumbers

Have some crisp, refreshing bites of baby cucumbers which are just 15 calories per serving. The best part of this snack is they are great for digestion.

Oat and Dates Energy Bites

Healthy snacks

Energy bites, Credits: pixabay

Nuts are always an ideal nutritious snack. Nuts have a great role in preventing the risk of heart disease, depression, and illness.

These bites are made of healthy fats like nuts combined with a boost of carbohydrates like dates and oats. It’s very simple to prepare. In a mixer, pulse peas, dates, nuts and seeds blend until it becomes paste. Salt and balls may be added and rolled. Keep it up to a week in the fridge.

Baked Apple Chips

Instead of potato chips, you can have a low calorie, baked apple chips. They contain fiber and potassium.

Red Bell Pepper with Guacamole

Red bell peppers are rich in antioxidants like beta carotene, quercetin, and vitamin C.  All you need to do for this snack is just pair 1 large red bell pepper with 3 ounces of guacamole. This becomes a perfect combo of fat and fiber making the calorie count under 200.


healthy food list

Bananas, Credits: pixabay

A Bananas can be perfect healthy snacks. They contain natural sugar and carbohydrates, packed with fiber, protein, potassium, and manganese.

Banana, Protein, and Almond Milk Smoothie

It is a nutritious smoothie with a protein content of 27 grams and less than 10 grams of sugar. It’s great for fueling the day throughout the day. This smoothie contains protein powder, almond milk, and banana.

Carrot Sticks

Snackable carrots contain beta carotene that provides you a healthy skin. It also contains fiber that helps in digestion and aids in maintaining your weight.

Greek Cucumber Salad

healthy snacks for evening

Greek salad, Credits: pixabay

This cool snack can be prepared with just a few cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, onion and feta chopped. To coat the veggies, you can sprinkle olive oil and lemon juice. Add little salt and pepper to this healthy snack.

Corn & Bean Salsa With Chips

This snack is high in fiber, calcium, and is made of fresh food. It’s a great mix of maize, black beans, tomatoes, minced bell pepper, red onion and Apple Cider Vinegar plus Lime juice splashed. Salt and pepper can be used for taste.

Watermelon Skewers

Threaded watermelon bits, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella pieces, and basil leaves on wooden sprouts.

Salmon and Cucumber Roll-Ups

This protein-packed food is crunchy finger food. Just roll up salmon and cucumber and this becomes an appealing snack of the day.

Dark Chocolate and Almonds

Almond chocolate

Almond chocolate, Credits: pixabay

Dark chocolate contains flavanols that reduce the pressure of the blood and decrease the risk of heart problems. Almonds are enriched with heart-healthy monounsaturated fat that helps control blood sugar and they also reduce appetite and help lose weight. A combination of dark chocolate and almonds becomes a rich and portable snack.

Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are fibrous and can be part of vegan or ketogenic diets. They contribute to inflammation reduction and heart health improvements. Chia seeds have a jelly-like consistency when soaked in water. To prepare chia pudding, just add chia seeds in a bowl of water. Cool for a minimum of 30 minutes. Mix in powdered chocolate, butter of peanut and sweetener.

Bran Whole Wheat Muffins


Muffins, Credits: pixabay

You can prepare muffins in a healthy way. This recipe requires wheat bran, wheat flour, low-fat milk plus batter brown sugar. The fat part can be substituted with fresh apple sauce.

Oats Idli

With oats, innumerable dishes can be prepared. With rusty oats, grated carrots, chopped green chilies and fresh coriander, you can make steamed idlis.

Three Bean Chaat

This is a high source of protein snacks. Via a light saucer of olive oil, chaat masala and lemon juice, toss up kidney, chickpeas and green beans.

Ragi Cookies

A calcium-rich and healthy cookie can be prepared with ragi too. This is a crunchy and crumbly dish.

Elaichi Granola Bar

Energy bars are an important part of snacks. You should make this energy bar with walnuts, almonds, raisins, cardamom, and honey as well as brown sugar sweetening. This is rich in fiber and protein and an ideal snack for children.

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