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Want To Know How To Reduce Face Fat? Follow These 7 Tips

Do not get us wrong. There is no denying the fact that chubby cheeks do look cute. However, a majority of people long for a supermodel-like chiseled face that includes a well-defined jawline and high cheekbones that imparts an overall sculpted look. Have you been getting up every morning just to sigh at the reflection of those double chin and facial fat hanging from your cheeks? Do not worry, a majority of people are puffy faced with chubby cheeks and jowls that are primarily a result of excess weight gain.

If you think that your face is getting too fat for your liking and you want to lose some of that fat so that you can flaunt those high cheekbones, then you must read about how to reduce face fat, reasons behind its occurrence, and easy ways by which you can get rid of it.

The noteworthy thing is that face fat is an indicator of weight gain in the rest of your body as well. Do not view it as something that can magically disappear by some pill or a few exercises here and there. You need to reassess your lifestyle and see whether what you are consuming daily is healthy or not. If you are relying on too many store bought food items, eating unhealthy late-night dinners, and binge drinking on the weekends then not only will you gain fat all over your face, but you will also gain it in the rest of your body, specifically, in your stomach. Many times, weight gain is the result of hormonal factors. In that case, you need to consult a doctor for an adequate diagnosis.

But in most cases, facial fat is directly proportional to body fat. When you start losing weight, it will automatically fade. Hence, do not ignore the thumb rule of a healthy diet and lifestyle when trying to reduce the appearance of a flabby face.

What Causes Face Fat?

Facial fat appears when extra fat deposits accumulate around the sides. It causes your face to become rounder and fuller over a period of time. You can also feel that your face is bloated. This bloated or puffy appearance occurs due to fat tissues that are beneath the skin. The primary reasons behind its occurrence is a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle which is a lifestyle devoid of any physical activity. Although you can also get a puffy face due to genetic conditions and aging, mostly an unhealthy lifestyle is the leading culprit behind it.

A fuller and rounder appearance of the face can also be due to the overdevelopment of the muscles that lie between the jaw and cheeks.  People also develop a flabby face as a side effect of steroid treatment. It can also be a symptom of Cushing syndrome. This condition occurs when your body is dealing with high levels of stress or cortisol over a prolonged period of time. Cushing syndrome is generally a result of a tumour that develops on the pituitary gland. It affects the production of hormones but this condition can be effectively treated through medicine.

Is It Possible to Reduce Just the Fat in Your Face?

Fortunately or unfortunately, you cannot reduce just the fat in your face. Spot reduction in any area of the body is not possible. That is not how the human body works. If you will lose your face fat, you will also lose fat from the rest of your body. By following a balanced lifestyle which includes the consumption of a nutritious diet, along with regular physical exercise you will start noticing changes in the appearance of your face fat within a month.

Face fat generally occurs in people who are overweight. They need to eat less calories than they burn in order to effectively lose fat from their body and face. However, a point to be noted here is that while cutting calories you need to make sure that you are not underfeeding yourself. Otherwise, instead of losing fat, you will start losing muscle from your face. It is the presence of muscles that lie underneath the layer of fat that imparts a chiseled appearance to your face. If you cut too many calories at once, your skin will sag and you will not have any muscles to show off. Start slowly by reducing small portions of calories from your diet. You should not feel too full after consuming your meals. Eating right instead of eating less is the key to reducing face fat.

How Can I Slim My Face in a Week?

Believe it or not, you can make significant differences to the appearance of your face by just following the tips mentioned below.

  1. Drink more water

  2. Sleep more

  3. Move every single day

  4. Pop a chewing gum

  5. Eat a diet rich in protein

  6. Stay away from salty food items

  7. Avoid alcohol as much as you can

1.   Drink More Water


Woman drinking water, Credit: Pixabay

The age old health advice of drinking eight glasses of water per day proves its efficacy when it comes to losing fat from the face. Studies have time and again shown the undeniable connection between hydration and weight loss. It often happens that when you are dehydrated, you tend to get confused with your hunger signals. Your body is unable to distinguish between thirst and hunger. By drinking water before your meals, you can effectively reduce your caloric consumption. Water makes you feel fuller and eliminates those unwanted cravings. It also raises your metabolism for several hours afterwards. Moreover, a well hydrated body is the secret to a youthful and glowing skin. So, by drinking water not only will you shed fat from your face, but you will also benefit from a great skin.

2.   Sleep More


Woman sleeping, Credit: Pixabay

Get into a regular sleep routine and ensure that you are waking and sleeping at similar times everyday. Do not stay up late nights as it will only make you crave unhealthy food if you are on a weight loss journey. Many people who stay up late instead of sleeping at a scheduled time often reach for snacks during the night. This snacking habit is not beneficial for your body and the extra calories that you consume at night through it can derail all your efforts to lose weight during the day. Moreover, if your body is not well rested, the cortisol or stress hormone in your body elevates. It, in turn, prompts you to reach out for high sugar snacks that ultimately lead to weight gain not only in your body, but also on your face.

3.   Move Every Single Day

exercise for face fat

Woman exercising, Credit: Pixabay

You can exercise in any way that you want. But if you want to quicken your fat loss process then its best to indulge in some high intensity cardiovascular exercises. By getting your heart rate up, these kinds of exercises help you burn more calories and kickstart your fat loss process. However, if you are a beginner, you can just start by walking, jogging, or cycling for around an hour everyday.

4.   Pop a Chewing Gum

chewing gum

Women chewing gum, Credit: Pixabay

Can chewing gum reduce face fat? yes, it can, by giving a great workout to your facial muscles. All you need is a sugar free gum to chew on. You only need to chew the gum for 20 minutes, two times in a day. You will start noticing a difference in the appearance of your face in a very short period of time. However, you need to pay attention to the fact that just chewing a gum will not help you achieve a leaner looking face as spot reduction is not possible. You need to be mindful of your overall caloric intake and physical activity.

5.   Eat a Diet Rich in Protein

protein rich diet reduce face fat

protein rich diet, Credit: Pixabay

Protein is the single most important macronutrient that you need to reduce weight effectively. If your diet lacks protein, then chances are that in spite of losing weight, you will not achieve the tones and sculpted look of your face. It is because protein is the building block of muscles. Not only does it preserve your muscles, but by boosting your metabolism and keeping you full for longer, it will help you lose those extra pounds in a short period of time. If you’re wondering which food reduces face fat then the answer is fruits, vegetables, and ofcourse protein-rich food items like eggs, milk, tofu, beans, etc.

6.   Stay Away from Salty Food Items

salty food increase face fat

woman eating food, Credit: Pixabay

When you eat salty food items, your body retains fluid and thus gives your face a puffy appearance. Surprisingly, by just limiting the amount of sodium in your diet you can view the puffiness of your face going away. An easy way to reduce high-salt food items is to purchase fewer processed foods and rely on more home-cooked foods.

7.   Avoid Alcohol as Much as You Can

Caption: Glasses of wine

Credit: Pixabay

Alt tags: alcohol, face fat

Although drinking alcohol on occasions is fine, the problem arises when you make alcohol drinking a habit of yours. Drinking it frequently can cause rapid weight gain and subsequently increase the amount of your facial fat. It should be noted that alcohol is nutritionally deficient but is high in calories. If you want to lose your facial fat quickly then limiting the amount of alcohol you consume is the key.

There you go! Follow these effective tips and never bother about looking into the mirror and cringing at the sight of your face fat again!

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