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What Are The Benefits Of Raw Quail Eggs?

What are Quail Eggs?

  1. Quail eggs are considered an alternative to chicken eggs. They are one-third of the size of a chicken egg.

  2. They have cream-colored shells with brown splotches and deep-yellow yolks.

  3. They are enriched with vitamins and minerals.

  4. Though quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs they contain more fat, protein, iron, riboflavin, and vitamin B12.

  5. They are expensive and hard to find than chicken eggs.

Nutritional Aspects of Quail Eggs

Quail eggs contain vitamins

Vitamins, Credits: pixabay

A single quail egg is sufficient enough to meet your daily requirements of vitamin B12, selenium, riboflavin, choline, and iron. Below is the nutritional aspect of quail eggs.One quail egg (9 grams) contains

  1. Calories: 14

  2. Protein: 1 gram

  3. Fat: 1 gram

  4. Carbohydrates: 0 grams

  5. Fiber: 0 grams

  6. Choline: 4% of the Daily Value (DV)

  7. Riboflavin: 6% of the DV

  8. Folate: 2% of the DV

  9. Pantothenic acid: 3% of the DV

  10. Vitamin A: 2% of the DV

  11. Vitamin B12: 6% of the DV

  12. Iron: 2% of the DV

  13. Phosphorus: 2% of the DV

  14. Selenium: 5% of the DV

How to Use Quail Eggs?

Quail eggs

Boiled eggs, Credits: pixabay

Three to five quail eggs can be consumed per day. Quail eggs can substitute regular eggs and can be used in salads and appetizers. These eggs can be boiled, fried, baked, grilled, and pickled.

Quail eggs can be used as home remedies to promote skin and hair health. They can be used as a hair conditioner and as a skin-tightening face mask.

Ten Benefits of Raw Quail Eggs

Quail eggs hold lots of health benefits. Here we have listed 10 health benefits of it.

  1. May Help Treat Allergy

  2. May Treat Salmonella Infection

  3. To Manage Diabetes

  4. May Reduce Anemia

  5. Manage Blood Pressure

  6. Aid in Detoxification

  7. To Treat Stomach Ulcers

  8. Immunity Booster

  9. Improve Hair and Skin Health

  10. May Relieve Depression

May Help Treat Allergy

Quail eggs benefits

A woman sneezing, Credits: pickpik

Quail eggs can help treat allergy symptoms. A small study involving 77 people with allergic rhinitis identified that symptoms like sneezing, congestion, and runny nose significantly diminished within one hour after consuming quail eggs. It is unclear whether the components in the egg are solely responsible for these benefits.

May Treat Salmonella Infection

Quail eggs contain unique anti-salmonella antibodies and can be used to treat Salmonella infection.

To Manage Diabetes

Quail eggs benefits

A person checking blood sugar levels, Credits: pickpik

As quail eggs have a low glycemic index, it helps regulate blood glucose levels. Studies conducted in diabetic rats showed that quail eggs reduce blood glucose and creatinine levels. It is believed that regular consumption of quail eggs helpsmanages diabetes and kidney disorders.

May Reduce Anemia

Quail eggs are rich in iron and regular intake of quail eggs can improve your blood circulation and helps reduce anemia.

Manage Blood Pressure

Quail eggs benefits

A doctor checking blood pressure, Credits: pickpik

Quail eggs contain five times more potassium than chicken eggs. Potassium is a natural vasodilator and helps regulate blood vessels. So quail egg consumption can help manage your blood pressure.

Aid in Detoxification

Quail eggs are rich in antioxidants like beta carotene and vitamins A, C, and E. Antioxidants help fight against free radicals and eliminate toxins from the body. Since quail eggs are rich in water, it helps flush out toxins from the body.

ToTreat Stomach Ulcers

Quail eggs are a part of home remedies to treat gastritis. The anti-oxidants and amino acids in it help restore the mucous cells of the stomach lining. Though scientific evidence are lacking, quail eggs are thought to be effective against stomach pain and stomach ulcers.

Immunity Booster

The nutrients in quail eggs help improve metabolism and are involved in cell growth and regulation. Quail eggs contain leucine that helps maintain a better immune system.

Improve Hair and Skin Health

Quail eggs benefits

A woman with glowing skin, Credits: pickpik

The anti-oxidants in quail eggs protect the skin from skin damage and fight the signs of aging. Lysine present in quail eggs aids in the production of collagen. These eggs can control acne and improve complexion.

Zinc, iron, selenium, amino acids, and vitamins present in quail eggs are beneficial for healthy hair and scalp and helps prevent hair loss.

May Relieve Depression

Quail eggs contain choline and vitamin D that are important for brain health. Choline is necessary for the synthesis of neurotransmitters and vitamin D can reduce the symptoms of depression. Though not scientifically validated, quail eggs can minimize the risks of postmenopausal depression.

Precautions to Follow When Consuming Quail Eggs


A pregnant woman, Credits: pickpik

Quail eggs are not heated to kill the bacteria that may reside on the shell. It is better that pregnant women and people with a compromised immune system do not consume raw quail eggs. If you are allergic to egg, it is better to avoid quail eggs.

Take-Home Message

Quail eggs are packed with nutrients and help improve metabolism and manage diabetes.

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