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When We Should Expect Coronavirus Vaccine in India

2020 has not been a heartening year for us and everyone knows why. The infamous coronavirus or COVID19 whose outbreak began in December 2019 has taken over the world by storm, wreaking havoc in various sectors of the Indian as well as the world economy and society. Whenever a pandemic like this arises, there is only one burning question on the minds of people, and that is, when will a coronavirus vaccine India be made available to its hapless citizens?

It is now almost a year since the lockdown began in a bid to prevent the spread of this virus. Throughout this time, people were glued to their television screens, waiting to hear every little update of the COVID-19 vaccine. So where are we in the race towards availing a vaccine for his dreaded virus. Is coronavirus vaccine india a reality or is it still a mirage? Let us find out.

Coronavirus Vaccine India – What Are the Doctors Saying?

coronavirus vaccine india

Doctor holding a vaccine, Credit: Canva

Finally, Indian citizens can rejoice. According to the latest news, COVID-19 vaccine has already been developed and has undergone several stages of trials. Doctors are hopeful that they will be able to make the vaccine available for the general public by the end of 2020 or in the early part of 2021. The development of coronavirus vaccine india is witnessing a huge progress as the months go by. Finally, the vaccine has arrived at its final stage of trials.

According to the doctors of All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), by the end of December, they should receive the emergency use authorization from the regulatory authorities of India. It will enable them to provide vaccines to the public in a very small amount of time in the near future.

Meanwhile, around the world, many different variations of the vaccine are being developed for people to get rid of the threat of this virus. However, no one is sure whether the vaccine is indeed effective in helping people gain long term immunity against COVID-19. India as well as other countries of the world are far away from the development of herd immunity that is touted as a natural cure against the threat of this virus.

What Will Be Coronavirus Vaccine Price in India ?

coronavirus vaccine price

Various vaccines in a lab, Credit: Canva

With huge proportions of India in the grips of the deadly virus, and the talks of a vaccine being round the corner circulating around, there is another question that people want to find the answer to. What will be the coronavirus vaccine price in india?

A host of factors play a role in concluding the success of vaccines. A key factor to consider is the price of such a vaccine. In a country like India, where the majority of the population is not economically well off, an expensive vaccine will not be able to achieve the true motive of saving the lives of millions. Currently, no one can accurately predict the price of coronavirus vaccine india. We can only wait and watch.

The process of creating a vaccine is far from an easy task. It requires intensive research and knowledge of different compounds. Hence, there is a likelihood of the vaccine being on the expensive side. However, many people’s hopes are pinned on the Prime Minister of India to make available the vaccine at nominal rates to them.

Have You Acquired Immunity Against Coronavirus if You Had It Once?

immunity against coronavirus

Image depicting strong immunity, Credit: Canva

Unfortunately, there is not a single solution to this question. There are still debates, discussions, and studies that are going on to find whether one does acquire an immunity against the virus after having it once or not. Surprisingly, there have been numerous cases that report that those people who fought off the virus once are in its grips again after a span of six months.

On the whole, we can conclude that the general population can expect coronavirus vaccine india to greet them soon in the early part of the next year. We are still unsure about the efficacy of this vaccine in providing lifelong protection against the virus. Meanwhile, do not forget to follow all the protocols pertaining to stopping the spread of the virus like maintaining physical distance, wearing a mask, and washing hands often.

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