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Why Should You Ask For A Second Opinion On Radiology

Radiology is an important branch of medicine that helps in accurate diagnosis of a disease so that better treatment can be initiated. Here we are discussing why a second opinion in radiology matters.

What are the Different Branches of Radiology?


Mammography, Credits: pixabay

Just like general medicine, there are general radiologists. A sub-specialization may help a physician to understand one particular thing deeper and better. So radiologists can be musculoskeletal radiologists, neuro radiologists, and pediatric radiologists, and so on.BranchesPurposePediatric radiologyA child’s body is physiologically different from adults.Pediatric radiologists understand the unique anatomy of infants, children, and adolescents.NeuroradiologyNeuroradiologistsare experts in diagnosing disorders of the brain, sinuses, neck, spine and spinal cord, and the central nervous system.Breast RadiologyThese radiologists are highly skilled in mammography, 3D tomosynthesis, breast MRI, breast ultrasound, and other diagnostic breast procedures.Nuclear medicine and PET scansThis specialty of medicine helps diagnose disease, tumors, infection, and other disorders by evaluating organ function.Cardiac RadiologySpecial techniques such as Coronary Calcium scoring, Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography,and Cardiac MRI are used in the assessment of heart function and disease.

Why a Second Opinion?

Getting a second opinion helps ensure accuracy and diagnosis. A second opinion in radiology is necessary for the following

  1. Ensure Accuracy

  2. Better Diagnosis

  3. Avoid additional visits

  4. Cost

  5. Satisfaction

Ensure Accuracy

The Human body is a complex system and radiology examinations are in general difficult to read and interpret. As new technologies coming up, a single physician may not be an expert to deal with all the imaging techniques. So he may refer for a second opinion to a subspecialty radiologist to reduce medical errors and make accurate interpretations.

Better Diagnosis

A physician diagnosing

A physician diagnosing, Credits: pixabay

A highly skilled radiologist will be able to interpret the radiological findings better and lower the percentage of false-positive examinations. A perfect interpretation helps in diagnosing the disease better and also aids in the initiation of better treatment strategies.

Avoid Additional Visits

If the second opinion is clear, unnecessary visits to the doctor can be avoided, and a clear and timely diagnosis can be made. These days it is easier to get a second opinion as there are online records, digital images, and new advances are made in patient data archiving.


The cost involved in a second opinion is also kept to a minimum so that a patient will be able to afford it. Unnecessary appointments, lengthy procedures, and additional tests to diagnose a disease can also be avoided.


Patient satisfaction

Satisfaction, Credits: pixabay

If you get expert opinions from two different perspectives, you can ensure the interpretations are precise and you will get proper treatment for your disease. A patient’s satisfaction is the foremost thing.

Cost Involved in the Second Opinion in Radiology

Cost of Scans

Dollar, Credits: pixabay

Type of examinationCostEchocardiogram$200Magnetic Resonance Imaging$200Computed Tomography$200Ultrasound$200X-rays$100PET/CT scan$250Breast MRI Second opinion$299Ultrasound Second opinion$149


Take-Home Message

A second opinion in radiology helps reduce medical errors, ensure correct diagnosis and treatment.

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