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5 At-Home Football Workouts for Gaining Strength

Football players need to perform at their peak on the field. For it, they need to work on their strength and speed continually. Usually, they do this by making use of various types of equipment available at the gym. However, the basic speed and agility that is so important for a football player can also be achieved by an average person using their body weight.

There are many football workouts at home that can be leveraged by you if you intend to enhance your strength and muscle power. Bodyweight speed workouts for football at home offer you the benefit of increasing your strength without incurring the expenses of a gym membership or a certified trainer. Read on to know what exercises you can do.

Football Workouts at Home Without Equipment


Woman doing exercise at home, Credit: Pixabay

For doing football workouts, you need to be familiar with basic compound exercises like squats, lunges, dips, pullups and pushups. These workouts are performed in the format of a superset. Superset means performing two types of exercises back to back. You should not pause for rest in between your superset.

These superset workouts are:

  1. 25-30 squats followed by 25-30 pulse squats

  2. 15 tricep dips followed by 15 tricep pushups

  3. 20 lunges in the right leg leg followed by 20 of those in the left leg

  4. 20 leg raises followed by 25-30 seconds plank

  5. 10 pushups followed by 10 clap pushups

If you’re a beginner, then you dont need to follow a superdet format in performing these exercises. You can do single sets of exercises like squats, tricep dips, lunges, leg raises, planks, and pushups. All these exercises should be repeated at least 10 times.

Football Workouts at Home for Speed

speed workouts for football at home

Person doing exercise at home, Credit: Pixabay

There are many high school football workouts at home that can help you to enhance your speed and agility. Apart from muscle power, endurance, and speed is also a crucial aspect of a footballer’s fitness. It can be accomplished by doing the following workouts.

All these exercises can be done without the help of any weights or equipment. What’s more, they will allow you to enhance your speed and quickness on the field, and you won’t feel the need of hitting the gym to complete these workouts.

  1. High knees

  2. Burpees

  3. Fast feet

  4. And, Fast feet into burpees

  5. Fast feet side to side touch

1.   High Knees

high knees exercise at home

Man performing high knees exercise, Credit: Pixabay

Stand straight and keep your legs hip width apart. Now start running in place, pumping your arms in the motion of your legs. Your legs should reach high above the ground, at least till your chest level. Do it for at least 30-50 seconds, as fast as you can.

2.   Burpees

home exercise

Woman performing burpees, Credit: Pixabay

Place your hands on a floor and jump into a plank position. Now do a pushup, i.e, bend your arms towards the floor. Next, jump your legs inwards, stand up and jump. This is one repetition. Do at least 15-20 reps of this exercise at one go.

3.   Fast Feet

football workouts at home

Person performing fast feet, Credit: Pixabay

Stand in a squat position. You weight should be on your toes. Keep your core engaged and do quick stepping motions with your legs. Do it for about 30-50 seconds.

4.   Fast Feet into Burpees

football workouts at home without equipment

Man performing fast feet to burpees, Credit: Pixabay

Do fast feet for about five seconds, immediately launch into a burpee. Do at least ten repetitions of this exercise. This exercise is very effective in enhancing your speed and agility. You will be able to move quickly at the field if you practice it often.

5.   Fast Feet Side to Side Touch

football workouts at home

Woman performing lateral lunges, Credit: Pixabay

Do fast feets and move from side to side while doing it. Do it as quickly as you can. Count your reps in a 30-40 second duration and try to beat it the next time you do it.

These american football workouts at home will not only improve your overall physique, muscle power, and speed but will also keep you fit and healthy for life. As they work your whole body, it also helps you burn more calories in the process. Start with a strength workout and follow it up with a speed workout to get the maximum benefit.

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