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7 Benefits of Brahmi: The Indian Superhero

We all know that the Brahmi script is one of the oldest scripts in the Indian subcontinent but there is also a herb, just as ancient and legendary, named after Brahma and it is called Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri. It is a traditional Indian ayurvedic which was used in India since 5000 BCE and is now used all over the globe. This herb is so effective and versatile as it can be used for conditions ranging from bodily functions related to neurology, cardiology, and digestive problems to cosmetic issues like hair, nails, and skin. Here are some amazing benefits of Brahmi and how it can help you achieve fine health.

7 Impressive Benefits of Brahmi

⦁ Treats Diabetes and Controls Sugar Levels

This Indian herb possesses antihyperglycemic effects. Thus, it will help regulate the levels of sugar in your blood, especially for people suffering from diabetes, by decreasing it.

However, regulating blood sugar levels means that it will also help increase the levels of sugar in the blood in cases of low blood sugar and treat symptoms of hypoglycemia.

⦁ Improves Skin Health

Brahmi is beneficial to the skin in the following ways:

  1. Reduces swelling, irritation, and inflammation.

  2. Brightens the skin and provides a glow.

  3. Helps to heal and reduces scarring or dark spots by removing toxins and enhancing the complexion.

  4. Help treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, abscess, and ulceration.

Glowing skin, Image credits Pickpik

⦁ Strengthens Immunity

Brahmi contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which indirectly slows down the immune reaction of the immune cells in order to reduce inflammation and pain. Thus, in doing so, it increases the response time of the immunity system and as a result, helps strengthen the immune system.

⦁ Helps the Digestive System

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Brahmi can also be used to treat gastric ulcers, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal problems due to its soothing and sedative effects on the body.

It also possesses antimicrobial and antioxidant effects that can also treat invading gut bacterias that cause digestive diseases.

Improves Brain function or activity, Image credits Pixabay

⦁ Improves Brain Function and Activity

Brahmi can improve and benefit your brain function in a couple of ways. They include:

  1. Improving your memory and strengthens logical thinking.

  2. Boosts your learning, concentration, and comprehension.

  3. Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

  4. Prevent and treat conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, and ADHD.

  5. Helps improve muscle coordination.

  6. Helps restore brain function after a stroke by fighting off or repairing any oxidative damages.

⦁ Brahmi: Indian Herbs for Hair Growth and Health

It benefits the hair in various ways. They include:

  1. Reduces dandruff and itchy scalp.

  2. Prevent scalp infections.

  3. Reduces hair fall.

  4. Prevents greying and split ends.

Healthy hair, Image credits PxHere

⦁ Improve Heart Functions

This herb is capable of improving blood flow in the heart without increasing blood pressure. It does so by increasing the levels of nitrate oxide in the body. Thus, smooth and improved blood flow can help prevent any cardiac problems.

Lastly, it also helps relax heart structures like the aorta, heart muscles, pulmonary arteries, veins, etc

Brahmi Products

This herb extract is available in different forms. They include:

  1. Brahmi Leaves

  2. Brahmi Oil

  3. Brahmi Powder

  4. Brahmi Capsule

  5. Brahmin Vati

  6. Brahmi Cream and Gel

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